CYAA 2015 Winter Series Race 7 Results

Race 7 Results and Series Aggregate Status

Attached are results of Race 7 Aug 16 plus the status of the Series and Marie Louise III Consistency status.

Sail Selection decision

With the expectation of 15 knot northerlies below is an indicator of the pre-race wind conditions.


Yesterdays Fawkner Beacon Wind Speed Graph


Bungoona with Avian and Zephyr under tow

Pre start manoeuvres

After the distraction of the bunker barge Zemira motoring through the Classic winter series fleet of 22 starters, Course 10 was the starters call for race 7. A tight fleet with an on the money start was scene along the start line. Another great sight of Classic Yacht racing on Port Phillip was the word from the race committee.


Pre start manoeuvres as seen from Snow Goose looking over the committee boat


Bungoona looking over Sayonara and Mercedes III

Start line action

No recalls was the surprise of the day. ‘Very close with the benefit of doubt” was the call from the Hobsons Bay Yacht club starter, Alistair Hart.

No doubt, the long and close line of starboard starters issuing “starboard” calls closed the starting gate for many of the on port starters.

Clean air at the committee end allowed Marie Louise III to maintain her on starboard speed while Dingo and Snow Goose threw on to port after passing the Committee boat and escaped into clean air. Sayonara threaded her on port way through the starting fleet to clean air and Frances, thank you Martini, and Kingurra made up ground after their on port start delays, Fair Winds showed Mercedes III some muscle and worked her way into a lifting breeze. Avian also escaped into clear air. An on port Ettrick and Zephyr escaped through a gap in the start line and into every wind knock on Port Phillip. Square dinkum the handicapper was told.

On course affairs

After Frances led the fleet at the first turning mark, R4, fleet kite hoisting and gybing action was the scene. Loama on her starboard approach to R4 had Sirocco perform some fast single handed manoeuvres  on her run after rounding R4. Cyan was working hard to figure out ways to escape the mid fleet dirty air.  Fair Winds had a smart kite set after R4 and an even smarter retrieval sometime after passing the RMYS G rounding mark. Boambillee had on board action that didn’t help her close on the early the fleet leaders.

Some extra tight rounding action at RMYS Mark C resulted in Mercedes III doing a penalty turn, not far behind Trim was keeping close to Marie Louise III and Dingo was keeping close tabs on Avian in spite of losing her head sail halyard.

On the first run back to the committee boat lifting conditions around the Gellibrand Breakwater favoured those Classic yachts who carried on after the RMYS C mark.

Scanning across the fleet close race action was everywhere. Akuna was coming off best with her close racing in company with Shamrock and Corio Vertue while Loama worked hard to keep Tandanya busy.

Finish line scenes

The second time around saw all Classic’s playing the wind shifts in the final beat to the  finish line. Martini, racing to her handicap, played her wind shifts to edge ahead of Bungoona.  After a shy kite run and a last minute drop Frances worked her crew hard to stay ahead of Kingurra at the last turning mark and kept this lead by 8 seconds to take out line honours. Congratulations to Frances A finish line fight between Boambillee and Marie Louise III saw what a finish line wind shift can do as Marie Louise III had to concede her lead  on the final approach.

Snow Goose was definitely the sail of the day as she was within 12 seconds to Avian at the line cross and held off Dingo by 40 seconds. Right through the fleet similar after race stories were told in the manner of true fishermen.

The results

Classic cheers went up with the announcement of Frances taking out line honours and bigger cheers went up for George Low bringing home Snow Goose for her first ever Classic win on corrected time.

All up another day where Classic yacht racing was the focus on Port Phillip. The average  elapsed time for the race was 110 minutes.  This average time for Race 7 and the 95 minute average for Race 6 will guide the handicapper for the group start allocations for the final Winter Series Race of 2105.

Race 8 date August 30

Race 8 will be conducted on August 30. The prior date of Sept 6 was set based on ORCV Winter Series racing on August 30. That date is no longer reserved. Without the change there would be only 3 weeks between the 2015 Winter Series and the 2015/2016 Summer Series race 1 on Sept 27.

Race 8  will be a pursuit starting at RMYS and finishing at RYCV Marina. A series of special weather dependent courses will be set up with a target average elapsed time of 95 minutes  for this race.

Notice of Race for the 2015/2016 Summer series and intentions to compete on the 2015 Cup Regatta will issued to the Classic skipper next week.

Regards to all

Peter  Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

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Track of Marie Louise III


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