CYAA 2015 Winter Series Race 5 Results and Comment

Results, Series and ML III Consistency Aggregate Status

Attached are the results of Race 5 plus the 2015 Winter Series and Marie Louise III Consistency Aggregate Points Status.

With Melbourne recording an 0.6 C temperature at 7.30 am on Sunday 21 Classics with rugged up skippers and crew turned out for what became another memorable race. We should make that number 23 as Doug Jenkin was prevented from joining the fleet for engine starting problems on Bluejacket and Mark Chew was on site to finish off his refit to Fair Winds in prep for her 60th year since launching.

The fleet also saw a welcome return to classic racing by Michael McTavish’s Serifa after her maintenance work over in the Royals yard.


Pre race workout


Although some wind was present to allow for an on time race start the Race committee held off to allow Trim with Phil Atkins bring of Avian and Sirrocco to the star line. Roger Dundas with Avian under tow by Cameron Dorroughs Bungoona saw Frances in greater need of a tow. Roger passed  to word to Cameron to put Bungoona’s 45 hp to work and bring Frances out to the line. Thank you Cameron. Unfortunately the Yarra outflow took Roger on a lonely mariner voyage. However with the help of Trim all sorted and 10:40 the race to drift across the line began.

Recall at the start

For the first time we had an individual recall, Ettrick through a slight time miscalculation was notified this feat of mental strength was also noticed by the race committee. No problems for Gordon Tait, after his restart he was back with Avian. Trim in a northerly beat slowly cleared out from the fleet while Sayonara with her topsail working was moving well in company with Kingurra.

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The wind change

And then it happened. The wind backed to the South. Ettrick was ready with Dave Brodziak preparing for a kite launch while Boambillee also had her kite ready and set well it did to bring Boambillee up with the fleet.

First mark rounding

At the first mark although somewhat squashed the fleet rounded R4 cleanly and set themselves for the slightly sprung beat to RMYS G Mark.  Loama at this time was up with the leaders but was overshadowed and ended up well below the fleet inside Station Pier.

Another Classic sight was the scene of was the fleet heading off the next mark. Concentration was the word. And all over to the lee side. Easy for some like Martini with her 6 crew as she powered away from Marie Louise III. How that that be was the question put to the handicapper.

Decision to tack

So at the G Mark the question was to tack or not tack. While the wind was still around tack was the word for the fleet leaders but further back for those that were ghosting not so. Frances found out what happens when a no wind tack is made, it took sometime to begin moving again.

With the light wind conditions prevailing the race committee planned to finish the race at the RMYS G Mark this plan was changed when the fleet were seen to be all moving well so off they went to the RMYS C Mark

Sight of the day

One sight of the day was watching the duel between Kingurra and Ettrick. Ettrick, ¼ in sail area, kept the windward cover on Kingurra for some time until the laws of physics took over.

On the way to mark C

Jim Hutchinson had Dingo in the leader mix with Sayonara and Mercedes III over by Breakwater Pier while Avian and Boambillee took some early tacks to take the rhumb line course to Mark C.

Trim with Marie Louise III and Zephyr continued the shore line. Trim split off on a tack to avoid wind holes but ran into restart troubles. An example of how slight the breeze was to see Martini stop for a short time when working through some very small waves.

Along the shore Loama kept working well after marking up the extra ground after falling into the lee of Station Pier. Snow Goose followed Marie Louise III up the track to Mark C while Shamrock made a typical H28 Silhouette against the St. Kilda breakwater. Andy Indrans had Corio Vertue on her first race since her big make over was also holding up well  and raced well to stay in front of  Serifa, Tandanya and Bungoona all still moving well in the light conditions along the St Kilda foreshore.

Going for the shortened course finish line took foreverbut eventually Kingurra received the line honours with Boambillee caming home soon after followed by the well raced Ettrick.

The fleet following the first 3 finally made the line. Sayonara was saved by her topsail. She could barely move with a dead mail sail after a complete cover by Mercedes III.  Frances also had trouble making the line.

The similar situation of slowly making the line was right through the fleet but the race committee was confident all starters would finish and finish they did.


The results showed tight corrected times across the majority of the fleet in spite of the light conditions. Congratulations go the Gordon Tait and Dave Brodziak for bring Ettrick home first on corrected time and same to Charlie Salter with Sirrocco and a special mention goes to Andy Indrans for his handling of Corio Vertue to come in third on corrected.

So all up a good day of classic Racing particularly after a cold start.

Thanks to the HBYC Race Committee for looking after the fleet.

The course used for the race is one that will be used for our Cup Regatta.

Next Race

Next race in two weeks time, August 2, at Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron.

Regards To all

Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

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