CYAA 2014/2015 Summer Series Race 1 Results

Attached are the results and aggregate status of the Classic 2014/2015 Summer Series after Race 1.

The many features of the first race of the 2014/2015 Summer Series Classic Yacht Racing were discussed at length while enjoying the BBQ work of Karen Batson. Karen, in the same manner as her foredeck work on Zephyr, with her team of elves from Mercedes III, put on a BBQ production that has set the standard for future Series commencement BBQ’s. Thank you Karen

Some of the first series race events discussed were the return of Cyan with her skipper Craig Brown and his hard working crew and Kent Bacon’s effort, after winning his global race against time and the hour long sail from Sandringham to put Renene and her crew on the start line.

With the CYAA pennant being dropped the HBYC race director described the race one start as a spectacle. Sure George had to restart Boambillee but there were many on the button starts. Loama showed she was definitely no fishing boat with her start. Martini was another whose on the button start was noted. The run down to St. Kilda breakwater saw Boambillee tear up the fleet with her speciality, a shy kite run, to pick up the fleet leaders of Mercedes III and Pastime II. Sayonara with tops’l working hard also moved through the fleet in her ever winning 1898 style, while Cyan and Marie Louise III paced each other to the St. Kilda turning mark.

On the beat out to the R3 mark Sayonara showed the fleet her speed by laying off and sailing a 1/3rd more distance and still keep her place in the mark rounding order. The attack on the R3 mark by the Tumlare’s of Ettrick, Zephyr and Avian were in indicator of a probable finish line duel.  Tandanya and Loama were observed to be holding their fleet placings. Claire was also looking as a chance for the decent result till that the wave slop stopped her on the last tack approaching  R3. A bit more wind strength was the order here. Richard MacRae on the helm of Claire reports he’s not greedy, only a little bit more was the request.

The run from R3 to R4 showed the fleet order changing. Both Mercedes III and Boambillee were able to stretch their lead over Pastime II while Sayonara was always chasing this group with good effect. The Tumlare fleet with well set kites crept ahead of Marie Louise III and the spinnaker flying, fast charging Cyan. Our Winter Series winner Bungoona had to suffer and pay dearly with a non spinnaker run due to mast head issues caused by recent strong winds.

The beat to the finish witnessed close tacking duels between the Tumlaren Fleet with Ettrick taking the Tum line honours by 1.4 minutes. Anne Batson, using match racing tactics, held Zephyr on her starboard tack to maintain cover on Avian after Avian’s close port tack crossing.  Charlie Salter on the helm of Avian had to concede, Anne Batson bought Zephyr home by 0.07 seconds over Avian. Marie Louise III was in the middle of all this duelling determined to keep her cover on Cyan.  The word here is for the regular skippers of Avian and Ettrick to take note of what the mice get up to when the cat’s are away.

Close on water battles to the finish line were also seen with Bungoona holding off Loama by 0.23 of a second.

The performance improvement of Bluejacket was noted. Doug Jenkin and his persistence to bring Bluejacket back to her previous racing is paying off.

Congratulations go to George Fisscher and Michael Rhodes and the competent support team on Boambillee for their corrected time win by 0.183 seconds over Martin Ryan with his well oiled team on Mercedes III. The results of the race indicate they are ready to take on the leading Couta Boats of the Couta Boat Association in the soon to be held Cup Regatta Guineas invitational race.

With our fleet of 16 starters the first race of the series showed the Classics racing has followed on from our successful 2014 Winter Series.

Presentation of the 2014 Marie Louise III Consistency Trophy to the Skipper of Bungoona Cameron Dorrough and his crew was another after race event.unnamed

Bungoona Skipper Cameron Dorrough with his Race 1 Summer Series crew of Frankie, Andrew Padgett and Bill Spicer with the Marie Louise III 2014 Consistency Trophy “CLASSIC REFLECTIONS” Missing but mentioned in dispatches are Kingsley Watkins, Allan Hollamby and Ray Milne

In addition to taking out the 2014 Winter Series “RUSTY SHACKLE TROPHY” and the “FAIR WINDS TROPHY” best overall for 2014 Bungoona also took out the Sandringham Yacht Club Classic Division of the 2014 Centenary Trophy.

Next Classics Summer Series race will conducted by RMYS on October 19. Location of start line. RMYS Tower on St. Kilda Breakwater. RMYS courses will be used. Details of these courses are available from the RMYS Sailing Instruction booklet version 5. Available on line at

The SI’s will be issued on the Thursday prior. They will contain a description of the courses and a map of the RMYS marks.

Cup Regatta

Work on those Regatta entries and lets know your intentions for the social functions. 

Here’s the 2014 Cup Regatta social programme

Friday 31st – Midday: Lunch BBQ at RYCV for Guineas and Inter Association Challenge participants. Others welcome to BYO.

Friday 31st6.30pm to 8.30pm Cocktail Party at Waterfront Venues (Black Sail Bar) next to Melbourne City Marina. Cocktail food and open bar.

Saturday 1st4.00pm onwards: Drinks on boats at marina. Pizza with Squealers and Growlers from Cargo Restaurant. Best value beer in Melbourne.

Sunday 2nd – Informal dinner for Kiwis to be determined.

Monday 3rd1.00pm onwards BBQ at RYCV.

The race programme is full on with 2 on Saturday and Sunday with the Pursuit on Monday.

To wrap up the post race notes take a look at the Mark Chew slide show of Race 1  images.

Intensity of the concentration to race our Classic Yachts is the story here. Possible reason for no race photo’s from any boats.

To lead us into Cup Regatta Mode Mark Chew has prepared a slide show of how the fleet sailed in Race 1 Take a look at the vimeo link below using the password of fairwinds.

Marks comments on observing the fleet in action for Race 1

“With the Cup regatta only a month away here is a taste of the action we can expect on Port Phillip in early November.
What a great fleet!”

password:   fairwinds

Cheers to all

Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

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