CYAA 2014 Winter Series Race 3 Post race notes

2014 Winter Series Race 3

novera11:05am June 21 2014

With the 3 diesel railway engine strength sound signals from the Hobson’s Bay Yacht Club Race Committee that put the sounds of Mercedes III’s Andrea Bocelli to flight and the raising of the N over A race signals, the inevitable became the obvious to the 20 Classic Yachts that were on the water in race ready whip cracking mode. At 11:00 am a wind flaw came through with mirror water state following was the clincher.


10-15 knots predicted. 0 knots was the go. No racing today was word.

Although no racing for the day the Classic fleet still put in an impressive appearance circling the Race Committee vessel. Trim, Phil Atkins Ohlsen 35, from Sandringham Yacht Club was there with all sails set but.

The Kingurra team of Ian MacFarlane, Guido Brandt and Glen Kile from Royal Brighton ready to put the fleet to the test on the Peter Joubert’s Black Swan design after picking up additional crew from the Royals marina.

From the Squadron we had George Fisschers and Michael Rhodes team on Boambille and the two Tumlare`s Dingo with Jim Hutchinson and Snow Goose with George Low, all patiently waiting.

From Hobson’s Bay Yacht Club we had Shamrock, our H28, with Rod Fuller on the helm. A sighting that all the fleet recognised and welcomed back. Peter and Scott McDonald, fresh from their previous day of racing in HBYC Brass Monkey Race series winning form, had Pastime II all ready after a 3 week hull and topsides clean up and makeover.  Making up the other third of the HBYC Classic fleet was Andy Indrans on the stage with Corio Vertue and ready to perform.

Heading up the Royals classic fleet was Cameron Dorrough’s Bungoona putting her 45 horses to work. The task of the 45 horses was to tow and park the heavy weight of the Tumlare` fleet Avian with Roger Dundas, Jennifer Cook and Charlie Salter on board, to the start line. In anything you can do I can do better mode, Ross Clarks and Michael Willams Martini was also observed performing feats of strength with the Tumlare`s Zephyr with Anne and Karen Batson and Ettrick with Gordon Tait and Heide in relax mode knowing they had our visitor of the day, Alex Howard on board.  Catch 22 here as Alex also looking for a time out and relax from his champ dinghy racing ways.

Circling the fleet in full sail was the sight of our Fife designed 1898 Intercolonial Trophy winner, Sayonara. Today still a winner in the beauty and racing stakes with Dave Allen on the helm and the hard at work line crew making all tacks and gybes a smooth operation. Making up the Sayonara crew for the day was the skipper of our Fife International 8 metre from Sandringham Yacht Club Caraid, Bobby and Helen Barr.

Another welcome sight on the water was our 1943 Netboat Swan headed up by John Payne. Again another of our fleet with intentions to give the Classic fleet a workout in the corrected time results. Richard Macrae with Claire was seen waiting patiently. A reworking of Claire’s handicap is the word  as Greg Hyne, his gun crewman, notified the handicapper some internal ballast has been painfully but successfully ditched. The boys on our Couta boat Loama decided todays too young to waste so lets put Loama up to her actual role in life. So Joe Tuck, Peter Denniston and Mathew Fewster went fishing. Sad to report the fish had the drop on them. But you never know sometimes while fishing come great ideas. Say no more.

One of a couple of disappointment’s of the day particularly for Peter Lloyd and his top notch gun crew on Marie Louise III, was no more Cyan her great adversary and performance yardstick on the water. The fleets other disappointment was the sadly missed Renene with Kent Bacon and his crew. Kent currently putting in the hard yards proving he’s no knockover.

Saving the best till last is what is when it comes to the sight of the day. No doubt the fleet would agree the sight of Bob Munro’s Tandanya back with us would take out this honour. There she was looking oh so smart with her polished looking mast and topsides sailing in and around the fleet with Stephen Lake on the helm. Another feature of the day was Bob Munro bring out one of his many volumes of Classic Yachting history. This time it was the 1960 Lloyds Register of Yachting. In the register there they were, the listing and their private signal code for Marie Louise III, Tandanya and Caraid. There’s more of our fleet listed on this register.

So no more classic racing for 3 weeks, June 22 is the next race to be conducted for us by the RYCV. It’s now that time of the year where our race dates have to fit in with ORCV winter series.

Obviously no change to the 2014 Winter Series aggregate or Marie Louise III consistency point status. Handicaps will be the same as those allocated for Race 3.

So till next race.

Regards to all.

Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Race Handicapper

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