CYAA 2014 Winter Series Race 3 Entries, Handicaps and Sailing Instructions

image001Attached are the entries and handicaps plus the Sailing Instructions for Race 3 of the Classic’s 2014 Winter Series to be conducted for the CYAA by Ian Robertson, Race Director of the Hobson’s Bay Yacht Club.

One SI item to note is the change in H8 and H9 course descriptions. The requirement to round Channel Mark 79, up near Station Pier has been deleted. HBYC requested this change. It also helps keep our mast heads away those fixed mast eating structures.

To help those ever resourceful crews assist their skipper finding the way around marks of the allocated course, Roger Dundas, Avian, has organised the laminated production of an enhancement to the Col Bandy produced map of the top of the bay marks. This map shows all the fixed channel and recreational marks plus the laid course marks of the RMYS and RBYC. On the reverse, the H series courses with their associated numeral pennant are described. A small donation is being requested to assist defraying their production cost. Roger’s the contact for obtaining a copy of the laminated chart and course description on Sunday or any other day.

The after race BBQ this Sunday at RYCV will be byo or the RYCV kitchen menu.

To date there’s been no status received on the Sydney to Melbourne voyage of the Steam Yacht ENA.

We have two additional entrants to our 2014 Winter Series fleet. First up is the welcome return of Rod Fuller’s H28 Shamrock to again race with us. After a recent maintenance makeover she’s race ready.



Our second new entrant for Race 3 and a first time for Classic yacht racing on Port Phillip, we’ll see Doug Jenkin on the helm of Bluejacket.

Sorry for no image of her but there’s an expectation she’ll be carving her way through the Classic fleet on Sunday. In similar fashion when, known as Fairlie III, she took out the St. Kilda Yacht Club, (now RMYS) 1950 Queenscliff to Devonport race. Lindsay Chalmers, her previous owner, who put much restoration work into her, described Bluejacket as a yacht that sails beautifully but races better.

Designed by Knudd Reimers, of Tumlare` fame, as a fast cruiser to weather North Sea storms, Bluejacket is a sister ship to Coe that won the first Trans Atlantic race for the division that Adlard Coles raced in. Built by Jack Guitterez at Brighton, Melbourne in 1946, she’s done the ownership trail of Adelaide, Port Lincoln and Portland. She has cruised Bass Strait and King Island under the names of Corinthian, Fairlie III, Trommie II, Josephine and finally in 1969 as Bluejacket, on her return to the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron, under the ownership of Les Nangle.

Sunday’s Race 3  will be a big day for Classic Yachting on Port Phillip. For the members of the RMYS to see their well known and respected yacht, Bluejacket, when helmed by Les Nangle and on Sunday under the helm of their well known and respected member, Doug Jenkin, it will be another page in their clubs history. Bluejacket will be racing against these other RMYS yachts in our 2014 Winter Series Classic Fleet. Boambillee and the two Tumlare`s Dingo and Snow Goose. Other members of our Classic Fleet from RMYS are Windward II, Tina of Melbourne, Akela and the modern Virtue, Sunbeam.

One of the 2014 Winter Series fleet who won’t be with us is Serifa. Her skipper Michael McTavish will be doing a 7 day voyage from Maillag on the west coast of Scotland in the 73 ft Pilot Cutter Eda Fransden . Michael says he’ll send a few photos if the mists clear and keep a log for a magazine story.

Being a big fan of these 45/50’ long English Pilot Cutters that were sailed by a man and a boy with the Pilot sitting in side, Michael tells the story of spending 3 days sailing the Amelia Rose around the Isle of Wight a few years ago with the two owners and himself handling the boat. The highlight of this voyage was the fun of short tacking, to bring the boat up into Poole Harbour in about 15 knots with hundreds of boats racing and cruising around. Some took fright and motored out of our way with sails flapping!! Aussie’s on tour was reported to be the kindest of many words said by faces ashen !!

Advice has been received from our Sydney member, Nigel Stokes owner of Fidelis, that Fidelis is celebrating the 50th year since she was launched.

She has raced and cruised close to 250,000 miles with line honours or places in most of the major races in and around the Australian East Coast and across the Tasman.

Tasman The book Semper Fidelis with the history of the yacht will be launched at the Sydney Amateur Sailing Club on Tuesday June 3rd.

So with light winds the expectation for Sunday, it’s time to come alive again and hit the line at 10:30 on the dot with all down on the lee side and no moving.


Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

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