CYAA 2012 winter Series Race 4 Results and series points status (Posted 26.6.12)

P6245171Dear Skippers and crews of the Classics 2012 Winter Series

Attached are the results of Race 4 and the Series point’s status.

For a change we had a day with some decent wind that gave all boats the opportunity to sail as they were meant to. Lee gunnel down to their critical heel angle where the skippers hand on helm isn’t needed.

As usual fast and clean starts and staying away from the river outflow paid off.  Throughout our fleet of 17 starters there many two boat battles. Kingurra v MercedesIII, Boambillee v Pastime II, Ettrick v MarieLouise III, Renene v Blackadder and a four way battle between Serifa/Martini/Ettrick and Tandanya.

Well done to Ellida with her take out of the corrected time honours.  Consistent performances by Charlie Salter and Phil Aitkins are reflected in Ellida’s series points status. Same goes to Martini, all that hard and rushed maintenance by Ross Clark and his team during the 3 week layover between races paid off and also to Cyan. With Craig Browns tactical sailing skill and his crew always working hard, Cyan has put the Classics fleet on notice.

Kingurra took out the line honours after eventually wearing down Mercedes III, whose flying start had her leading the fleet to all but one of the turning marks. A sight to see, those two ocean racers from our fleet, working into a stiff breeze.

Mail out of yesterdays results slightly delayed this morning. Took a quick trip to Ivor Evans to give a report on the sample Classic pennant. All sewn with the right weave so it will fly instead of flapping. Definitely larger than a pocket size handkerchief. A must have for our Cup Regatta.

Sad news. Next race is some time away. July 22.  We take this break for the Term 2 school holidays. Then it’s a down hill run. Every two weeks till our last race of the series on Sept 5, then the Summer series on Oct 5. Following on is our Cup Regatta Nov 2 kick off with the Guineas and Cocktail reception.


Regards to all

Peter Costolloe

CYAA Handicapper


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