Cup Regatta News Oct 30

cr_poster2013 Cup Regatta Documentation has been released

The skippers and crew have been sent the 2103 Classic Yacht Regatta Sailing Instructions. These can be viewed on our Web site. Bring our members into the Regatta picture the Melbourne City Marina berth allocations and a marina location map have been attached.

If you haven’t seen what the City of Melbourne people saying about the Regatta check this link out and look under the Classic Yacht Cup Regatta heading.

Regatta cocktail function auction

First up before your attentions wanders.

Mark Chew has put together a pictorial montage of Port Phillip Classic Yachting images collected over 20 years. From “Waitangi” onwards. Yes, she’s in there. “Waitangi” was one of the original flagships of the CYAA. Mark has elaborately framed 3 of these 110cm x 80cm high quality montages and presented them to the Association. He has requested the CYAA auction these framed montages at our Regatta cocktail reception. Mark says this is his way to show his support of the Association in a manner that will also allow our members to actively show their support of the Association and its work to sustain Classic Yachting on Port Phillip.


Our Principle Regatta sponsor, The City of Melbourne, will be represented at the Regatta cocktail reception by Cr. Kevin Louey. The City of Melbourne recognises the Classic Yacht Association to be an important part of the City’s strategy to sustain their connection to Melbourne’s rich maritime heritage with a modern day focus. Make yourself known to Councillor Kevin Louey.

David McKenzie has already put out a note to skippers that have entered the Regatta about how the ticketing and entry process will work. For those of us not sailing but wanting to enjoy the social fabric of the Association let David know your intent to come along. Name tags for those attending will be at the door for collection. We need to give the caterers, the close to attending numbers, to allow them to set up with no finger food shortage. Big night.

The function is scheduled to begin at 6:30pm.

Pre Regatta activity

It could be said the Regatta kicked off some time ago. So many of us started working out what to do and when to slip their boat and prepare them for the Regatta. This recent weather hasn’t held us. We have Roger Dundas still doing his Leonardo touch on Avian and George Low still sorting out the standing rigging on his recently magnificently rebuilt Tum Snow Goose. Take a look at her nesting in Rogers pen at Royals.


Andy Doolan reports “Tina of Melbourne”  will make the start after a serious make over as well. All this news is good news for our Regatta.

Melbourne City Marina Berth Allocations

Berth allocations have been made. They’ve been purposely made into a tight squeeze to fit us all into the one area for our Sunday activities. Particularly for the pod of Tum’s. The Marina management have opened up both sides a commercial arm to allow the fleet to tie up together on Sunday.

Skippers of yachts scheduled to tie up at the Melbourne city Marina will receive an email from the Marina Management team. This email will have the access codes for the Marina lounge facilities and also for after hours access through the Marina gate.

Here’s some notes about what’s been happening since the previous Regatta News Release.

Friday’s Regatta Invitational Racing.

The Guineas teams are decided, “Mercedes III” and “Pastime II” for the CYAA and “C97”, with Jeff Richardson and part of his crew flown in from West Australia and “Gemfish” with Phil Edwards. Our new Friday invitation, under the command of Dave Allen, the Inter Association Challenge, between the CYAA/CYANZ and CBA with 3 crew and 6 boats will see challenge racing as never before seen. Dingy allocation will take place on Friday with a couple of practice runs then it’s off to the races. 3 of them in fact, about 20 minutes each. David Leroy the PRO of Royals is all ready to put up a course to allow all of us to watch this Guineas and Inter Association action. Stirring stuff here.

Saturday Passage racing.

The Handicaps are done. The Kiwi crew allocation is done. The Kiwi contingent will have arrived via the “Melburnian” for some breakfast. Some short announcements before an approx. 0900 departure about pending commercial river traffic, then down the river where David LeRoy will be ready at 0955 to send us off on the passage race. A selection of six courses to choose from, supposedly for different wind strengths, but, who knows what he will set for us. Maps of the courses are also attached. To add to the tactical decision making process, a windward gate pass through to the first rounding mark will be set up for each passage race course.  No running starts anymore, it’s full on Classic Yacht Regatta racing.
Then it’s back to the Cactus for another Regatta kick on session at Docklands.

Sunday and Monday racing.

With a new set of handicaps supplied by David LeRoy it’s back to racing with a windward gate once again before heading out to the course proper. The current wind condition forecast for Sunday will provide some tight and tough Regatta racing. Still it’s only a forecast at this time.

Monday BBQ and Trophy Presentation at RYCV

Band and BBQ Catering has been firmed up. If you haven’t let David McKenzie know your BBQ numbers plan do it now as limited cash sales will be at the RYCV. The RYCV caterers need to know.

Our 2013 Regatta Poster

That vibrant Regatta poster telling the 2013 Classic Yacht Regatta story displayed at the top of the news release and on our Web site, was created for us by Celia Dymond, Celia crews with Jim Hutchinson on “Dingo” and is one of Melbourne’s foremost graphic artists. The image is the compass binnacle on Jim’s Tumlare “Dingo”. Compressing the A3 image to the displayed size doesn’t do it justice. Must have few for our Cocktail function.

Till the next Regatta News Release

Regards to all
Peter Costolloe
Regatta Race Director

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