Classics Summer Series Race 5 Feb 1 2015 Entries, Handicaps and SI’s

The story for this race is contained in the attached pdf. Loss of text and image orientation when moving a word document via Outlook to Gmail makes the email look hopeless. I prefer to send out mail without the need to open attachments but this time not the be.

In the attached pdf details of the race being the first at RMYS for a long time is mentioned There’s also descriptions of the events the Association wishes to promote to the members including one from Tim Blackman from the British Classic Yacht Club about a never to be repeated offer that asks for your attention.

Finally there’s a short wrap up of the Jan 24 Sandringham Yacht Club race the Classic’s participated in. One of the features of this race was the clearing out of the Sandy Bar by Sayonara as she put on a spectacular sail past performance.

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Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

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2014_2015 Summer Series Race 5 Feburary 1 Sailing Instructions (RMYS) V1 28_01

2014_2015 Summer Series Race 5 Feb 1 Entries and Handicaps (RMYS) V1 28_01

Race 5 Pre race notes


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