Classics 2015 Winter Series Race 5 Starter handicaps and Sailing Instructions

Here we go.

Attached are the handicaps and Sailing Instructions for Race 5 of the Classic 2015 Winter Series.

The race will be conducted for us by the Hobsons Bay Yacht Club with Alister Hart directing. The HBYC race committee boat will be Privateer with the Shirley Freeman as the designated rescue boat. VHF Radio Channel 73 will be used for any race control announcements before and during the race. So keep those radios open.

Two changes have been made to the attached Sailing Instructions. First is the race time limit. The race finish time is 1:30pm. A blanket finish time does away with the need to try to figure out the time of day when the first finisher was over the line. Vessels that show and intend to but cannot start and those that start but don’t finish will be allocated race points based on the number of starters plus one point. Second change is the addition of two courses. These courses will provide the Race Director with multiple options to shorten course to allow all starters a fair chance to finish in light wind conditions.

Some small adjustments to the fleets handicaps have been made after analysis of the Race 4 pursuit race results. Not much, only small changes but enough to make that split second difference. Although Race 4 was a pursuit race the on course times of each finisher are extracted and used for a corrected time analysis. These corrected times are also used for the Marie Louise III Consistency trophy points. As a comment there’s very little difference between the Pursuit race over the line placings and the corrected time placings. The handicaps used to calculate these Race 4 corrected times were the same as those used to calculate the Pursuit race group start times.

We almost had Mark Chew’s Fair Winds back with us for this race.  Marks extra efforts to be with the Classic fleet this Sunday were undone by some new rig set up issues.

Damian Purcell reports the following Scimitar news.

Unfortunately we, Scimitar, won’t be a starter for a little while longer yet…but we are keen to get back to racing some time in the near future!  The works program continues with the restoration of the deck underway at the moment.  We have expert shipwright, Richard Blake working on the decks now, and we are very excited that they will better than they were when she was launched.  The deck is nearly 55 years old since laid and has done 28 years of service since launch.  It is time to give them a refresh.  We are reefing the caulking, and replacing this with modern product (not Tar beneath and Thiokol on top of that) and resetting all 2,500 screws and replugging the holes with new white beech plugs.  The beech is 1 inch thick on ply, and we will reduce some weight with some hard sanding.  We will also install a new windlass on the bow…

Below are some looking back going forward pics of Scimitars deck fastening replug project provided to us by Damian.

image(2) image(1) image cy1

So after a 5 week break it’s all go.

The Classics are racing again. First on corrected time will receive the traditional slab of Tina of Melbourne’s bottled water courtesy of Andy Doolan.

Race results will be made available asap after the final finisher.

Cheers to all and best wishes to Kent Bacon and his efforts to resolve Renene’s engine transmission saga.

10:30 on Sunday is the go.

Peter Costolloe

CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

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