Classics 2014/2014 Summer Series Race 3 post Race comments and results

Race 3 November 30 Post Race notes.

Attached are the Race 3 results plus the Series aggregate status

22_dingoCongratulations to the Tumlarens Zephyr and Dingo for their light wind performances. It’s interesting that both took either side of the course to make the weather mark indicating similar sea and wind hole conditions all round. Even though the spread of corrected times was wider than usual due the light conditions, there were still tight grouping that showed mistakes were to be paid for.

Throughout the race images Classic Yacht racing of old were seen. From Sayonara and Acrospire III in full rig to watching Frances fly her “Big Red” for the first time in possibly 20 years.

22_francesThe race committee made reference to being on hand to watch another big and on the button Classic start with no problems. Frances, Sayonara and Zephyr were committed at full speed with 2 seconds to go. Shortly after the start Avalon and Loama were seen at the head of the fleet, Renene was also going well. Avian was the first to throw on to port for clean air while Acrospire III came through after the start on port for clean air.

Boambillee unfortunately found a wind hole when approaching the Windward mark that Zephyr managed to avoid. Throughout the race Acrospire III led the fleet but Frances with the Big Red flying managed to close up when Acrospire III used downwind gybing to keep going in the light. On the reach to R4 she cleared out from Frances.

Sayonara also kept her speed with downwind gybing.22_sayon

Both Bluejacket and Snow Goose put in noteworthy performances. Not sure what Mike Hurrell was up to on Snow Goose but being the shipwright who bought Snow Goose back to racing condition Snow Goose obviously enjoyed his company.

One sight to see was Blackadder steaming up to the weather mark. Unfortunately with a dying breeze both Blackadder and Avalon knew the game was up after rounding the weather mark for the run down to St. Kilda.

22_sayon1The results have been left as published by Hobsons Bay Yacht Club. Next race the finish time will be lengthened by another 30 minutes. There was a consideration to lengthen the finish time but we have to stay with what was published in the Sailing Instructions for the race 3.

One more race for 2014. Race 4 on December 14, a pursuit.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

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