Classics 2013/2014 Summer Series Race 4 Pursuit Dec 15

Attached are the Sailing Instructions and Group Start times for the Race 4 Pursuit start.

The race, conducted by the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria, will start and finish at the RYCV Marina Race control box.


We have some good news for our Fleet. Andy Indrans has been working every day, weather permitting, to rebuild and relink the transom and lodging knees on Corio Vertue. A big task but Andy did it. It’s all part of the plan for Corio to be at the 2015 Hobart Wooden Boat Festival. Look her over, she’ll be out with us on Sunday. Rod Fullers work replacing the cabin roof and associated structural beams on his H28 Shamrock is moving to completion.

Some Tumlare news. The Tum, Galatea that George Low raced with us a couple of years ago has arrived via a forty foot container, at her new home, Bodrum, in South Turkey. Her owner, Bahadir Celim, plans to refit her and next year sail (voyage) her to the Greek Island of Paros and then off to the Bodrum Wooden Boat Regatta. Bahadir has a 50% ownership of a local wooden boat building ship yard and will keep us informed of her rebuild and sailing activity.galatea

Our UK Member, Rees Martin, has informed us he has been put on the Committee of the Associations of Yachting Historians. Two colleagues of his, Martin Black (he wrote the recent coffee table book on G L Watson) and Hal Sisk (publisher and restorer of a classic Peggy Bawn ( approached Lloyds Register and have now gained permission for the AYH to digitise the Lloyds Register of Yachts, about one hundred volumes.

We’ve been asked by Stuart Dickson, whose heading up the 2014 Geelong Wooden Boat Festival committee to put out a reminder to start organising the submission of your entry to the Festival. The big push has been to include Tums and Couta’s in the Saturday Portarlington race. Here’s a reminder of what happened at the 2012 Festival.


rdCurrent Port Phillip forecast indicates there won’t be a repeat of the conditions that hit the fleet on the start line at last race.

The calculated start times for Sundays race are based on an average on course time of 95 minutes. Let’s see if our handicapper and his much sharpened handicapping pencil are on the money.

Being the last Classic race of the year why not bring along some BBQ fixings or a prepared lunch and make the time to catch up and socialise with all those members you battle with on the water.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe

CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

Pursuit December 15 Group Start Times

Pursuit Sailing Instructions (RYCV)

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