Classic 2015 Winter Series Entries and Handicaps plus new members

Race 6 Documentation

Attached are the Entries and Sailing Instructions for the 2015 Winter Series Race 6. The race will be conducted for the CYAA by the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron under the direction of Race Manager Alistair Hart. The race will begin at 10:30 am in the Port Phillip waters off the St. Kilda breakwater using an RMYS course as described in the attached Sailing Instructions. The course selection for the race will be announced on VHF Channel 73. The course number selected will also be displayed from the RMYS Race control tower.

Allocated handicaps.

There’s been some small changes between the Race 5 and Race 6 allocated handicaps to reflect the results of an almost no wind Race 5, and the expected 20 knot northerly for Race 6. The average change across the fleet is 0.01%. Not much but significant when corrected time placings are decided by 3 decimal points of a minute.  In addition to using the last 5 race BCH and CHC averages for handicap changes, Race 5 was rerun on paper to determine the handicap each finisher required to be to place equal Charlie Salters second on corrected time with Sirocco. Gordon Tait first on corrected time couldn’t be used as Ettricks outstanding Race 5 light wind performance  left the entire Classic fleet in the shade.

Predicted sea conditions

The predicted sea conditions for Race 6 is 15-20 knot northerly. Hopefully we don’t have the conditions similar to those being experienced today blow up again on Sunday.


First time with the Classics.

Sailing with us in Race 6 will be the first time appearance of Chris Havre, our latest member from RMYS with his Classic yacht Akuna, a 1940’s Charles G MacGregor design from the United States. Wooden Boat magazine has listed Charles G Macgregor in their archives as a recognised designer from the 30’s who was among the first to design boats with traditional construction methods whose hull was clad with Weldwood.  A product first available in the USA in 1940’s that used fir and spruce as the wood component with lots of epoxy to seal it all together.  Similar to the substrate used on Mercedes III. Charles MacGregor apparently worked on the Americans’ P.T Boat Programme and the development of Dynal and the first epoxies.

Akuna’s first owner was the founder and first Commodore of Port Hacking Ocean Yacht Club (1963) was Fred Teiffel. Chris tells the story of Akuna when out of the water her design was recognised by a passer by who then went and provided him with plans of the original Akuna design drawings by MacGregor .

Back with the Classic’s

One welcome Race 6 sight will be the return to Classic racing by Mark Chew’s Fairwinds. After undergoing a refit in preparation for her 60th year after launching and after much ocean voyaging and racing Fairwinds will be in shakedown mode in preparation for some Pacific voyaging next year.

Classic’s crew member additions

Time to recognise some of our recently signed up new members. While we know the Classic Yacht racing enjoys a reputation as an important part of yachting in Port Phillip by all our members home yacht clubs this would not be the case without our crew members and supporters of the CYAA.

So congratulations for joining up go to:

Mal Botterill a master boat builder and friend of the Classic’s Mal in his spare time tells Roger Dundas what to do on the foredeck of Avian and put together one of the finest cruiser/racers on the RYCV register. UHURU

Janet Dean who advises Jim Hutchinson on his helming techniques on Dingo. Janet is the current Commodore of the RMYS and skippers her Adams 10, Jungle Juice, in RMYS club racing and does the foredeck work when Celia Dymond is on the helm for the Women on Water interclub racing series.

Geoff Thorn and Charlie Boyes play a leading role in all of Martini’s success’s in Classic racing. Responsibilities for performances on those otherwise days are left to the skippers, Ross Clark and Michael Williams. The entire Martini team are regulars at the after race discussion where the handicapper features.

Chris Lawrence is again with us and helping George Low bring his family heirloom Snow Goose back to Classic and Tumlaren Racing.

Dave Brodizak who’s Tumlaren heritage that goes back through family generations has now renewed that heritage with his crew work and assistance from Heidi Modra to help Ettrick stagger across the line, We wish.

New member for Queensland

Early June this year the Association welcomed our latest boat owner member from Queensland Tony Harland. His Classic, Skirmish, launched in 1969 is a fully splined Williams Custom 32, designed by Bluey Williams has been added to the CYAA register. Last November in the 38th Manly Hotel St. Helena Cup she took out 1st prize the Classic and Cruising divisions as well as the Trophy concours award for her magnificent restoration. Tony is also a member of the Wooden boat Association of Queensland.

A WBAQ story on his association with boats in general can be seen at

A Classic Racing skipper of 1914, Vivian Parker

Attached is a story about one of the early notable yachting persons on Port Phillip. Vivian Parker. One of a series of stories as how Classic Racing Port Phillip was done in those days.

Vivian Parker _1

So come 10:30 am Sunday morning we live again.

Could be a fast race


Race 6 August 2 Sailing Instructions (RMYS) V1 28_07

Race 6 August 2 Entries and Handicaps (RMYS)_Revised


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