Classic 2014/2015 Summer Series Race 4 Dec 14 Results

Attached are the provisional results of the Classic Summer Series Race 4 plus the Series and Marie Louise III consistency aggregate status. Problem with listed finish times of Ettrick and Snow Goose. RYCV Web site has them listed as a tie but time keeper has recorded them with separate finish times. Plus no listing of Sirocco. Will work on this tomorrow.

After racing over a course that had 3 beating and 3 running legs congratulations go to George Fisscher and Michael Rhodes for their no fault performance that had Boambillee lead the Classic fleet home by a significant margin. Frances with Peter Johns and his team was second home after eating the fleet up to record the best on course time of the day. Martin Ryan bought Mercedes back to life after the sea conditions changed to take out the third placing.

Tight finishing times across the following fleet was a feature of the race Peter Lloyds Marie Louise III with consistent sailing held off Anne Batsons Zephyr and the 20 stouts hearts on Sayonara to come home fourth. After recovering from some fleet entrancing tactics Craig Browns Cyan picked of Phil Atkins Trim by 30 seconds. 2.5 minutes separated these five at the finish line.

Gordon Tait kept Ettrick going in heavy lee gunnel down conditions to catch George Low who put in another big race performance on Snow Goose.

In the spirit of what pursuit racing is all about we had a tie finish between Jim Hutchinson’s Dingo and Roger Dundas Avian. Maybe it was the spirit of Dave Brodziak’s grandad with his Tumlare Var Flicka giving Avian that the one extra puff to hold off Dingo in the race to the line.

Close pursuit style finishes were recorded with Ross Clark pushing Martini to follow Avian by 14 seconds who was then followed by Bob Munros Tandanya 44 seconds later with Michael McTavish on Serifa following a minute 22 seconds later. This race was the first for the season for Serifa after her new engine installation.

After her 12 month rebuild Charlie Salter put Sirocco through some active racing to see what work was needed to bring her back to her race winning ways. Not much and she’s reasonable tight was the report.

Analysis of the results on a handicap basis showed the sail of the day had to go to Richard MacRae who kept Claire going at her best, racing home with the catch performance, throughout the race.

Like many races the wind always dies at the wrong time. So it was with this race where a dying breeze caught out and stunted the finish times of Matthew Fewster and Peter Denniston in Loama, in spite of their efforts to lighten her and Kent Bacon who kept Renene going in the way that she is known for throughout the fleet.

One feature of the race was to see Lindsay Holland’s Tumlaren Zea racing with us. After deciding to back off from racing two up Zea kept the fleet company throughout the race.

So ends another year our Classic racing for 2014.

After conducting Classic Yacht racing since 1997 and this years Summer Series with 29 entries including 7 Tumlarens, and more to come, listed for the current Summer Series plus 8 consecutive Cup Regatta Classic Yacht racing the respect from all the port Phillip senior yacht clubs. The challenge to the CYAA is to maintain the standard of our now world class Classic Yacht racing.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

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Sorry no fleet photos. Everyone is to full on for any spare time. However the sight of the day has to be Sayonara with her 20 stout hearts of movable ballast creaming her way through the chop to almost eat up Marie Louise III.


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