Classic 2014 Summer Series Race 2 commiserations

Classics 2014 Summer Series Race 2 Postponed to November 16unnamed

Sundays Race  2 was postponed to November 16. The BoM predicted 30 knot wind strength for Port Phillip as issued on Sunday at 5:10am exceeded the Sailing Instruction 25 knot upper limit.  Much disappointment all round. The return to racing at RMYS was going to be a big occasion for Classic Yacht racing on Port Phillip. The next scheduled opportunity for the Classics to race at RMYS is Feb 2 2015.

Going back to the decision not to race. Cold comfort, but later on Sunday morning, the RMYS Race Officer expressed the opinion their big boat racing would have been called off due to the dangerous sea conditions that developed mid-morning at RMYS. The Association and the RMYS Race officer had been in contact since the previous Friday in the hope that the 30 knot prediction would be dropped back to 25 knots. RMYS had a course selected and their effective on water rescue team all set to go.

We know many Classic Yachts on our fleet revel on 25+ knot conditions, in fact some of our Classic yachts demand it.  But as previously said, when the BoM put the predicted wind strength for Sunday up to 30 knots, any ideas of starting the race were killed. Points about the skipper being responsible for decision to race, CYAA/RMYS and their duty of care based decision making tolerances, opinions that our Classic Yachts are up to the task and so, all go out the window. Compliance to the SI’s is mandatory for the Association.

Suggestions to change the postponement of race or abandonment of race upper limit of wind strength to Gale conditions (30 knots) to be in line with Sailing Instructions for Cat 6 Club racing cannot be taken on. Classic Yacht racing is conducted under Safety Category 7 rules. As well the 25 knot limit gives all skippers an even chance on the decision to race or not. Going up to 30 knots would bring an element of unfair racing to the Classics. Right now fair racing is a feature of Classic Yacht racing on Port Phillip.

2014 Cup Regatta

Next scheduled Classic Yacht racing is our Cup Regatta starting Oct 31. Sponsors for trophies have been lined up.

A team of 8 CYANZ members are on their way to take over Fair Winds and also race on our members Classic Yachts. All the race documents and race officials are prepared. Docklands berthing allocation plans are ready. Entries from Classic Yacht skippers are being received every day. From interstate we have visitors from WA to sail with Jeff Richardson on the Couta Boat C97 and a large team from Hobart on their way to race Bobby Barrs Caraid.

The Regatta begins with the Invitational Guineas Cup and the Inter Association Challenge. Dave Allen of Sayonara, is organizing the three teams to compete for the Inter Association Challenge using the RYCV Elliot 5.3 metre sail training craft. This is where the debate as to who is the “Cock of the Associations” is settled. Not in the car park but on the water. Tight racing is a feature of both events with a series of 3 races to a weather mark and back. With 3 races for two events conducted within an hour start boat activity is a sight to see.

The Cup Regatta racing format has already been described. 2 sets of races on the Saturday and  Sunday with the pursuit start on Monday. Maybe this will help make up for the loss for the loss of our Summer Series Race 2.

Classic Yacht racing at its best will be the feature of the 2014 Cup Regatta. The scene of the our combined fleet of Classic Yachts and Couta Boats all racing hard, stirring stuff. With Peter Johns racing the 8 metre Frances for the first time and a fleet that ranges from Couta Boats such as Jeff Richardsons top performing C97 and Loama to consistently top racing Classic Yachts such as Bungoona, Martini and Cyan  including other 8 metres such as Caraid and Marie Louise III through to the likes of Windward II, Sayonara and Acrospire III plus a New Zealand team on Fair Winds. That start line will be electric. In the mix will be Phil Atkins Trim who took out the 2013 Cup Regatta best overall and that consistent dark horse of Bob Munro, Tandanya. Say no more. This is the place to be. So those skippers still to submit a Cup Regatta entry, time is running out. Get to it.

The Cup Regatta social functions are:

Friday 31st – Midday: Lunch BBQ at RYCV for Guineas and Inter Association Challenge participants. Others welcome to BYO.

Friday 31st6.30pm to 8.30pm Cocktail Party at the Waterfront Black Sail Bar next to Melbourne City Marina. Cocktail food and open bar. Booking required.

Saturday 1st4.00pm onwards: Drinks on boats at Docklands marina. Pizza with Squealers and Growlers from Cargo Restaurant. Best value beer in Melbourne.

Sunday 2nd4.00pm onwards: Drinks on boats at Docklands marina. Informal dinner for Kiwis.

Monday 3rd1.00pm onwards BBQ at RYCV with Presentation of Cup Regatta trophies. Booking required.

2014 Cup Regatta Sailing Instructions and course maps will be issued later in the week.

Cheers and commiserations to all

Peter Costolloe

CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

Below is an invite the Classics recently received from a local group of Victorian Artists. The invite is to an Exhibition and Sale of painting to be conducted at the Victorian Artists Society Galleries. Julian Bruere, the organiser of this exhibition is the president of the Victorian chapter of the Australian Society Marine Artists. He’s extended this invitation to the Classic Yacht Association as a process for the ASMA group to become closer to the Association.


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