Classic 2013/2014 Summer Series Race 4 Results, series aggregate point status and general comments.

Attached are the results of today’s pursuit race, Race 4 in the Classic 2013/2014 Summer Series. The status of the Series Aggregate points and the Marie Louise III consistency trophy are also attached.

For the last race of the year the fleet received one of great sailing days that only Port Phillip can produce. Our race today was taken out in great style by Corio Vertue with Andy Indran’s on the helm.  Big day for Corio Vertue. When suggesting the fleet take a look over Corio transom to see what work Andy put into her, Andy made sure that’s all we saw of her. Big payoff for Andy being able to hold off Acrospire III in the race for winner take all.

Today there were scenes of unbelievable good behaviour by the fleet when on starboard. No overstanding of marks, or crowding of marks when overlapped before the zone.

The close finishing times indicated we had the right course for the day. Bit short and soldierly but it was a course where all the starters had battles during the race. A wind shift at towards the end of the race put paid to Bill Johnstones’s strong work on Lily Guy to keep her up in the fleet. Great scenes of tight Classic Yacht racing throughout the fleet. Particularly those groups of Classic Yachts all going for the line together.

To generate results for the Marie Louise III Consistency Trophy corrected time results are required. The handicaps used to obtain corrected times were those used to calculate the start times for today’s race. The attached results also show the actual time on the course for each starter and their corrected time placing. Handicaps for Race 5, Feb 2, will be partially based on these results.

Next Summer Series race will be Race 6 Feb 2 2014. Not that far away.

We had some special guests sailing with us today on Acrospire, Carolyn & Kraig Carlstrom, from Cygnet in Tasmania. This is the couple who have rebuilt International 8 metre Varg, that featured in our latest CYAA Magazine. In a yet to be released issue of Wooden Boat there will be a big article on her by Bruce Stannard. She’s now rigged up and waiting on sails. Kraig will provide us with a status of her in water story so far.

Now for some general news.

Loama is presently in the Royals yard with Joe Tuck and the boys working hard preparing her for the Couta Boat state series at Sorrento.

Our member Richard Hart who raced his Couta Boat Matilda with us tells us she has moved to Sydney and was undefeated over the line in all of the six races in the Gaffers Day Regatta and the Royal Prince Alfred YC Wattle Cup. Richard says the RPAYC  are a very friendly club and made him feel most welcome. To make up for Matilda now residing in Sydney,  Richard has organised Tim Phillips to build a new Couta Boat for him. ‘Jocelyn’ C2014. Richards says we can expect to see her racing with us in 2014.

Over the New Year several member are taking their boats down to the Mornington Peninsula.  Mercedes III and Cyan for starters. Both Martin Ryan and Craig Brown have issued an open invite for any member to go social sailing with them. Send me a note if you want to take up the opportunity for some lazy sailing. Members interested in racing over the break before the Geelong Festival of Sails, the Hobsons Bay Yacht Club will run a Classic division for Cat 5 compliant Classics in their Mornington Race.

Moving on, the Geelong Wooden Boat Festival people have asked the Association to put the word out on what’s happening. It’s March 6 to 8. I’ve attached some of their news releases and their entry details. If members intending to sail to Portarlington on the Friday before the Saturday race to Geelong the GWBF will put on a Wooden Boat Festival event at Portarlington. So let’s make those entries happen. Let’s know about your Portarlington overnight intentions, we can make it a great night. The GWBF will use our handicaps for the race.

There’s a Storm approaching!

Wooden Boat Festival Reaches 20

WBF NOR 2014 Final

The NZ Classic Yacht Association has scheduled their Classic Yacht Regatta to be held on March 14 to 16. It fits in well with the GWBF and the Queenscliff Regatta. Let Cammeron Dorrough know if you have intentions of attending and being part of our Associations efforts to sustain this important relationship. The CYANZ also have another big event that has always attracted CYAA members. Again, let Cameron know if you have intentions of attending.

ANNIVERSARY WEEKEND 24-27 January 2014

Friday 24 Jan: DYC Night Race to Mahurangi
Saturday 25 Jan: Mahurangi Regatta
Sunday 26 Jan: CYA Mahurangi to Auckland Race and raft up in Viaduct
Monday 27 Jan: Ports of Auckland Anniversary Day Regatta

Here’s a note from our member, Anthony Perri, who sails with Mark chew on Fair Winds II Anthony’s also a member with  the South Gippsland Yacht Club at Inverloch. They are conducting a Classic dinghy weekend on Australia day. Take a look

Remember these days.

Now to finish up below is an extract of our Classic Yacht Association planned activity for 2014. There’s an Aug 29 docklands Regatta mentioned. More Details will be provided. It’s being organised by Jeff Gordon who operates the Lady Cutler to celebrate the founding of Melbourne. Jeff is a big supporter of Classic Yachting and restored the well known Tasmanian One Design Weene, now racing in Sydney with the Amateurs.

And finally Roger Dundas has only now hot mailed in the story for our members at the RYCV. There is a briefing session on what’s happening with their Platform Form lift out facility.

RYCV Platform Lift Meeting

Planning has started for our next Docklands based Cup Regatta.

Anne Batson has stepped up and taken on the Associations Secretarial process. We also have Craig Brown and Roger Dundas bringing their intuitive minds to bear on the existing Classics Exec team of Martin Ryan Pres. David McKenzie Treasurer, supported by Cameron Dorrough, Damian Purcell and the Associations Race Director and Handicapper, yours truly with his forever sharpened pencil and now, two handicapping books.

Regards and fun to all for the next year.

Btw the who is having all the fun, such as dropping in at the North and South Poles and in the queue for a seat on Richard Branson’s space voyage. No one but, Nigel Peck AM, our recent new member of the Association. Check him out  Nigel Peck Article

Congratulations to Corio Vertue and Andy Indrans for today’s performance

Peter Costolloe
CYAA Race Director

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Vic. Classics 2014 Calendar

Jan 26 – Jan 29 2014 Geelong Regatta

Feb 2 Classic Yacht Summer Race 6 RYCV

Feb 16 Classic Yacht Summer Race 7 HBYC

March 2 Classic Yacht Summer Race 8 Pursuit RYCV

March 6 – March 9 2014 Geelong Wooden Boat Festival

March 14-16 CYANZ Regatta

March 22-23 SASC Classic Yacht Regatta Pittwater

March 23 Classic Yacht Redex Trial Yacht Race  RYCV

March 28- March 29 2014 Queenscliff Maritime Museum Festival

May 4 2014 Classic Winter Series Race 1 HBYC

May 18 2014 Classic Winter Series Race 2 RYCV

June 1 2014 Classic Winter Series Race 3 HBYC

June 22 2014 Classic Winter Series Race 4 RYCV (Pursuit)

July 20 2014 Classic Winter Series Race 5 HBYC

Aug 3 2014 Classic Winter Series Race 6 RYCV

Aug 17 2014 Classic Winter Series Race 7 HBYC

Aug 29 2014 Docklands Regatta

Sept 7 2014 Classic Winter Series Race 8  RYCV (Pursuit)

Oct 5 2014/5 Classic Summer Series Race 1 HBYC

Oct 19 2014/5 Classic Summer Series Race 2 RYCV Anchorage Classic Challenge

Oct 31-Nov 3 2014 Classics Cup Regatta RYCV

Nov 16 2014/5 Classics Summer Series Race 3 HBYC

Nov 30 2014/5 Classics Summer Series Race 4 RYCV

Dec 14 2014/5 Classic Summer Series Race 5 RYCV (Pursuit)

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