Classic 2013 Winter Series Race 1 Entries, Handicaps and Sailing Instructions.

To all Skippers and Crews of the Classics 2013 Winter Series.

The ‘Big Sleep’ is over and we re-start our Classic racing lives with the 2013 Winter Series.

Attached are the Race 1 Entries and their allocated handicaps.

For the first race of the Classics Winter Series of 2013, a fleet of 29 entries will hit the line at 10:30 am this Sunday morning, May 5, under the control of Race Director, Bob Tanner, of Hobsons Bay Yacht Club. Say no more, but what a Classic event this will be. Serious Classic racing at its best.

Some big features of the fleet for this series is the addition of Avalon, a beautiful Williams Aitkins ‘Little Dipper’ design under the helm of  Leigh Norgate from Royals and the most welcome return  of Andy Doolan’s Tina of Melbourne and Akala with David McNeice on the helm, both from the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron. We also have Lindsay Holland’s Tumlare` Zea back on the water, ready to take the fleet on.

A note of reassurance, Tandanya, who has never missed a Classic series, will be joining us. That great man of our fleet, Bob Munro, will have her with us soon. So rest easy you commando’s.

Re the handicaps. They’ve been tightened up. Most are those used to calculate the abandoned race 8 pursuit start times, the last race of our previous summer series.  Don’t bother the handicapper, who you all know and love, with your suggestions. He’s already run the ruler over all the boats plus their skippers and crew. The boats and crews come up OK but those skippers look a bit shaky. Must do a rerun on them after this race.

For those who never bother reading or taking the SI’s out on the water, I suggest you think again. Four additional courses have been added. Two are out to P3 when racing conditions are suitable and two are set up with a shortened course option, to provide for light or strong wind conditions.

With the expectation of great on water battles across all our fleet at 10:30 am Sunday, with Tums to the fore, it’s Boom goes the Dynamite time. Stirring stuff, so while the blood rushes to the head, don’t forget the race start rules that say “NO BARGING”.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe
CYAA Handicapper

2013 Winter Series Sailing Instructions Race 1 May 5 (HBYC)

2013 Winter Series Race 1 May 5 Entries and Handicaps (HBYC)

Attention all skippers and their attendant super numeries

Queenscliffe Maritime Festival

March 28-30


The Maritime weekend at Queenscliff will be held on 28-30 March 2014 so note it in your sailing diaries. A great social and sailing event. The Classic team successfully defended the Guineas this year and Fairwinds won the Classic yacht race. More details in the next magazine.

This is a great opportunity for a cruising activity with family and friends for the Classic fleet.

To put yourself in the Queenscliffe  Maritime Festival picture check out these articles from our Classic Yacht Magazine archives.

One by Carmen Bell Ex. pres. Couta Boat Association, the other by Michael  McTavish who tells us what Ella did and how to set yourself up for the passage sail to Queenscliff


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