Classic 2013 Winter Series Last race Sept 8 and Series aggegate results

The Red Tumlare, Avian, takes out the Classics Yacht Association’s 2013 Winter series.


The Classic Yacht Association’s last race of the 2013 winter series looked like a drifter was to be had but at 10:30 am we had a 10 knot easterly breeze that gave a windward beat to the first mark. Another remarkable performance by our green Tum, Zephyr, skippered by Anne Batson and crewed by Karen Batson, held off an all sails up Sayonara helmed by Dave Allen and family and crewed by our invited Tall ships crew from the Europa, by a margin of 97 seconds and the fast catching up Acrospire, skippered by Col Anderson and his hard at work crew, by 2 minutes and 18 seconds to take out first over the line.

To wrap up the series, Roger Dundas, after years of effort to bring, Avian, the most well known Tumlare` on Port Phillip back to life, designed by Knud Reimers, has been rewarded. With a return to her winning ways, Avian, with skipper Roger Dundas and Pip Todd his long time crew and no doubt with the spirit of Bill Gash on board, laid down the law to Melbourne’s Classic yacht fleet and took out the 2013 Winter Series. Recognised by the Australian Maritime Museum as one of Australia’s most important historic vessels, full credit goes to Roger and his team of dedicated supporters to bring Avian back to her former top racing condition. Another example of the Classic Yacht Association in operation.

Taking out second placing for the series was Zephyr our green Tumlare`. With tight racing tactics by her Skipper, Anne Batson, and expertly crewed by Karen Batson, Zephyr took out the well deserved second placing.

Pastime II, our 30 square metre inspired by Uffa Fox, skippered by Peter McDonald with his crew of wife Lyn and son Scott, who has been racing with the Classics since their inception, took out the third placing of the series.

Now the Marie Louise III Consistency Trophy. To take out this trophy a yacht has to consistently sail to its allocated handicap over a combined Summer and Winter series. This time there was a tight last race challenge of the series between Mercedes III, Pastime II and Zephyr. Although missing one race in the series her overall consistency showed through, with Martin Ryan and his crew on Mercedes III toot out the trophy by 0.3 of a point from Pastime II and by 2.8 points from Zephyr.

It needs to be noted the mechanics to derive the ML III Trophy points from pursuit race results require calculations that use corrected times based on the actual on course times and the handicaps used to calculate the Race 7 group start times. Corrected time placings were Acrospire, Fair Winds II and Zephyr. These corrected time results will form part of the formula to assign handicaps for Race 1 of our Summer Series.

This 2013 winter series has seen two additions to our Fleet of Classic Yachts. Leigh Norgates Avalon who put in a great racing performance in the last race and the Oholsen 35 Trim skippered by Phil Aitkins. Trim’s first race out was noted by the handicapper, say no more.

So thanks to the Skippers and their long suffering crews for another great series of Classic Yacht races . Keeping our Classic Yacht Racing fleet in condition is no easy task. These efforts to keep our Classic Yacht fleet racing are recognised by the credibility and esteem the Classic Yacht Association has with the senior yacht clubs on Port Phillip.

One sad note for all our members is to be made aware that one our most hard working and stalwart members of the Classic Yacht Association is leaving us. After all those years of conducting and sustaining the administration affairs of the Classic Yacht Association, Pip Todd is returning to her New Zealand homeland. Recruited by that late and great mate of ours, Col Bandy, Pip took over those many day to day processes required to keep our association functioning. Being  involved in the administration of our Association, a national Association, requires a high demand on your time. Pip gave that time willingly and was the mainstay to sustain the Association. Salute` Pip.

Attached is the Notice of Race for our 2013/2014 Summer Series and the Series entry form. First Race Oct 6. The series entry fee has been raised slightly to cover the increased race conduct charges.

The notice of Race for our Cup Regatta and Regatta entry form is ready to go. It will be sent separately to avoid the clutter of multiple attachments on this mail.

So congratulations to Roger Dundas and Avian for taking out the 2013 Winter Series aggregate and to Martin Ryan with Mercedes III for his consistent sailing to handicap performance to take out the Marie Louise III Consistency Trophy.

A piece of good news, the handicaps are all set for another series of Classic Yacht racing, the 2013/2014 Summer Series

Kent Bacon has provided us with an image of Renene’s race ready new deck. A Ferdy Darly project, assisted by the Renene crew.

Renene with new ready to deck Sept 9

PS. Roger Dundas has put his hand up for crew to replace Pip Todd on his well victualled Avian.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe

CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

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