Classic 2012/2013 Summer Series wrap up. 2013 Winter Series NoR and Entry form


Joe Tuck/Peter Denniston/ Matthew Fewster
Classic Yacht Association of Australia
2012/2013 Summer Series
Best Score Overall

Dear Skippers and Crews of the Classic 2012/2013 Summer Series

Consistent racing results throughout the series allowed Loama reward her skipper and crew with the best aggregate score overall for the series. A payoff to the dedicated effort put into Loama. From an abandoned Couta Boat to a Classic Yacht with winning ways.

From the Classic Fleet of Melbourne. Three cheers and  Salute` Loama.

Another example of what it takes to be a custodian of Classic Yachting. A story we are all personally familiar with. Keeping a Classic Yacht in full racing trim and up to scratch safety wise is no easy task. Without the Association would we do it?

We had a great Summer series. Although our starts and finishes were, occasionally,somewhat irregular for weather reasons, what isn’t irregular is our racing fleet consistently showing their dedication and enthusiasm to the Classic cause by fronting up in good numbers for each race.  This is the principle reason for the high credibility and regard the Association has with all the Port Phillip keel boat clubs and Yachting Victoria. A most important feature for us, particularly when Classic race dates are being decided on.

Although the decision to abandon Sundays Race 8 could have been made the day before, we, the Royals race director and myself put off this decision hoping sea state condition would moderate overnight. In our heart of hearts we knew it would not happen.  After an on- site discussion at Royals on Sunday, up went the Abandon Race signals at 8.00am and out went the message. Immediately after this decision , Richard Gates of Wanita called to report 2 metre seas off Kerford Road and breaking seas were seen at Prince’s Pier. At 10:30 a 33 knot gust hit the area, gear breaking conditions. Kent Bacon of Renene called in from Sandringham supporting the decision. He was all prepared for his first sail after a big break and the after series BBQ and social catch up. What can you do? Live to fight another day that’s what you do.

The Summer Series aggregate points and the points status of the Marie Louise III consistency trophy are attached. Obviously no change to the ML III Trophy since the Race 7 results. This trophy will be decided on the results of the 2014 Winter Series.

It’s goodbye to our 2012/2013 Summer Series. For awhile, the idea of completing a series with 8 races seemed a possibility, but not to be. It’s now up to the weather for our 2013 Winter Series to see if we manage 8 races.  Two great sights for our 2012/2013 Summer Series was seeing Fairwinds II  and a continually strong Tumlare fleet racing with us. The most notable feature of the series was the continual improvement in the racing quality of all our Classic fleet.

The 2013 Winter Series Notice of Race and Series entry form are attached. No entry price rise at this time.  Let’s see how you go with the PDF entry form. It will allow fields to be filled in by activation of the sign option at the top of the form.  I’ve asked people about some variations to our H series of course. All made positive comments. Let’s see what can be done within the restrictions we sail under.

Next weekend is the Queenscliff Regatta. Members wishing to sail as crew in this event on the Saturday let me know. I’m taking my Alwyn down on Friday as part of the Classic Fleet. I’m also looking for Saturday crew.

The big event on our horizon is the Cup Regatta November 1 to 4. Your exec. team is working on ways to make the Regatta a must do event.

So that’s all till our 2014 Winter Series. 1st race May 5. I’m looking forward to seeing Tina of Melbourne racing with us.

Thanks for all the support during the 2012/2013 Summer Series.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe
CYAA Handicapper


2013 CYAA Winter Series NOTICE OF RACE

2013 CYAA Winter Series Entry Form


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