Classic 2011/2012 Summer Series Post series comments (posted 4.4.12)

P4014910Dear Skippers and Crew of the Classics 2012 Summer Series

Attached are the results of Sundays Race 5 and the overall series points score results.

At last we had decent weather for a race, our last race of the 2012 Summer Series, that made those postponed race disappointments steal away from our mental horizons (memories).

Last Sundays race had many highlights. From the enthusiastic effort made by 18 skippers and crews to the many on course tactical battles between yachts, this race was worth waiting for.

Although our course of the day would be described as an easy reaching soldier’s course, what occurred during our race was not parade ground politeness. Ruthless match racing tactics were the go between Renene and Lily Guy, with Loama and Shamrock full of concentration and sailing hard. No looking back, by Loama and Shamrock, at the oncoming fleet chaser Bungoona reeling them in. Rod Fuller and Shamrock took out Cameron Dorrough and Bungoona by 10 seconds. Similar to what Shamrocks previous owner, Jock Sturrock, did to the New York Yacht Clubs glass jaw with Gretel. The NYYC people have never picked themselves up from the floor after that incident.

Leading the Tum fleet home was Ettrick. No easy task, Ellida, with new member Phil Atkins, ex Acklorean, providing Charlie Salter on Ellida’s helm with all his sage advice, and Zephyr with Anne Batson on the helm, looking for any covering opportunity. No worries, Doug Jenkin on Ettricks helm was up to the task. Ettrick’s sure paying Doug back for the new lease of life he’s given her. No easy task for Zephyr either, with both Michael McTavish concentrating and pushing Serifa hard and Jean with John Raff and Phil Edwards closely chasing and looking for any way to cover Zephyr. Not to be, Zephyr took out Serifa by 46 seconds and Jean with by another 43 seconds.

The on course battle continued, Avian, with Pip Todd on the helm was taken out by Jean with an 18 second lead. Avian held off Jim Hutchinsons Dingo by 32 seconds. Dingo grimly held off Ross Clarks and Michael Williams, recharged Martini, by 28 seconds. The battle and result between Dingo and Martini, a down to the last tack heart stopping series decider. Stirring stuff.

There’s no such thing as an easy reaching race between two evenly matched competitors. This comment definitely applied on the day to the result between Peter Lloyds, Marie Louise III and Craig Browns, Cyan. Full on concentration and sail trim maintenance was the order of the day to the crew of each yacht. Both yachts hit the start line at speed with very low seconds to spare with Marie Louise III slightly higher on the Rhumb line to the RMYS “D” Mark. Time and time again Cyan feinted to break the Marie Louise III cover. The battle was restarted at “D” Mark turn, with Cyan dropping down multiple times in an attempt to gather enough way to sail up to and over Marie Louise. Marie Louise III said “no”. Not taking “No” for an answer Cyan went up to and higher than Marie Louise’s III stern, after the R4 rounding, but couldn’t hold. She fell off, regrouped to attack with a port and starboard. A close call with both yachts maintaining proper course, Marie Louise III sailed cleanly through the attack and was able to regain her cover to the finish with 33 seconds being the result of a 55 minute and 16 second battle. Dingy match racing takes a back seat when these signature yachts of our Classic Fleet duel with each other.

When it comes to on course elapsed time, our back markers took out the honours. Martin Ryan, skipper of Mercedes III reports Boambillie with George Fisscher and Michael Rhodes urging their crew, crossed the start line half a boat length ahead of Mercedes III stretching quickly to 11/2 boat lengths with superior pick up speed. This distance was maintained for 10 minutes till Mercedes III passed to leeward as she handled the chop and slightly freer conditions better. This continued for the rest of the course with the final 1 minute and 12 seconds gap. This reinforces the view that Mercedes III enjoys the advantage in the higher breezes / higher seas, with Boambillie superior on flat water and lighter breezes.

Mercedes III and Boambillee worked hard to pick up the fleet. Respectively they were 50.40 minutes and 51.62 minutes on the race course, the closest to these times were Marie Louise III (55.28), Cyan (56.05), Jean (56.70) and Serifa (57.98).

Our fleet finish was bought up by Bob Munro’s Tandanya with Amanda closely following the fleet to join in the after race revels.

The pursuit start times for Race 5 were based on previous series results raced in light winds. With light winds forecast for last Sunday, the average time to complete Course 31 was deemed to be 88 minutes. Not to be. We know that our results on the day are determined by the sea conditions on the day. The race 5 results and the associated wind conditions will be judiciously taken into consideration when assigning handicaps for our 2012 Winter Series.

All this means the roll of the weather dice gave our scratch markers an “about time” opportunity while the back markers had to take the roll of the weather dice on the chin. The mid fleet yachts remained mid fleet with tight racing between themselves.

After washing down the effects of our now traditional Association BBQ with a Mussel Delight provided by Roger Dundas, proceeding the Race 5 and overall Summer Series results announcements were the pipes of David McKenzie, our new Association Administrator. No better way to reinforce the purpose of the Classic Yacht Association and what it means to its members and their boats.

Hearty cheers went to Kent Bacon and the crew of Renene for taking out the days race and to Lily Guy, our 1895 Corio Bay Net boat that put in a seriously well sailed race and to our great mates Joe Tuck/ Peter Deniston and Matthew Fewster from that picture perfect Couta Boat, Loama, for their 2nd and 3rd across the line respectively.

For immediate family reasons Sundays race was a signature event for Lily Guy. As we know, Lily Guy is named after Bils Johnstone’s grandmother who always wished to go to sea, but was prevented by circumstance from doing so. As we also know on Sunday, there was a cruise ship tied up a Station Pier the “Regatta”. By roll of the dice luck, on board that cruise ship was Bil’s mum, daughter of Lily Guy. So we had a combination of Lily Guy, racing and leading the fleet on a course that just happened to go past the “Regatta”, taking the salute from a direct namesake. Big family moment, big classic moment.

The main event of the day was the 2011/2012 Summer Series “Locker 57” trophy being taken out by Jim Hutchinson and Dingo. Jim has raced Dingo in every race of this Summer Series. The sight of Jim sailing Dingo over from St Kilda for our Sunday morning races was always a reassuring sight telling us that all was right with the world as Jim was with us.

Jim and Dingo with Richard Morrison as his able crew, received the congratulations and 3 cheers from the Association for their consistent and noteworthy 2012 Summer Series performance.

Not forgotten are the two yachts that provided Jim and Dingo some heart stopping moments. 2nd up in the series was Martini. Consistent performance by Martini always put her up with the Dingo. As previously noted, the result of the series came down to the last tack. Well done by Ross Clark, Michael Williams and their crew. Congratulations also go to our long time Classic Association competitor, Boambillee. Aggressive spinnaker sailing and the all weather sailing skill of George Fisscher and Michael Rhodes with their crew always had Boambillee with a chance to take out the series. It was the last race roll of the dice weather that unfortunately played against them this time.

The Association also says congratulations and thanks to all the skippers and crews that sailed in some or all of the 2011-2012 Summer Series. We all know what the effort is to come down to maintain/prepare and race our yachts with the Classic Association on a Sunday morning. It’s a serious and consistent effort and reflects the love and care we give to our Classic yachts. We also know these boats return to us in spades what we put into them. All this is reflected in consistent active racing fleet numbers. As the Sunday racing fleet numbers are continuing to grow. So will the Association.

Below is a link to Scott McDonald’s file of images he grabbed on Sunday. Scott was sailing on Avian with Roger Dundas and Pip Todd as Pastime was unable to start on Sunday.


With the announcements completed, the pipes of David McKenzie were put into action to remind us that our boats are the reason we are together and why the Association is important to them. So with the words of the well known Scottish melody the “Skye Song” we ask of our bonny boats to speed us on to our next series of racing. The 2012 Winter Series.

Entry form and Notice of Race details are on our Web site. A separate mail will go to our skippers to assist them.

The decision has been made.

Boom goes the dynamite.

Let’s go

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe

CYAA Handicapper

Race and Series Results available here.

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