2014 Cup Regatta lead up stories

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Race 1 entries and assigned handicaps

Attached are the entries and assigned handicaps for the Classic first race of the 2014 Cup Regatta.

2014 Cup Regatta welcome function.

First note is space is still available for additional takers to our Regatta welcome function at Docklands. EMail David McKenzie pronto to get yourself and crew in. david@jandmck.com  A great and one of the few civilized yachting functions to bring your family to.

Sailing Instructions

Copies of the General and allocated course sailing instructions plus the allocated course descriptions are available on our web site at.


Handicap adjustments during the Regatta.

As per Yacht Victoria Regatta handicap rules after each race is completed a new handicap for each finisher will be generated. These new handicaps should appear on the RYCV Results page prior to the race start. This page currently displays the Race 1 allocated handicaps. This will be the web page for the Cup Regatta results and aggregate points status. All races count towards the overall aggregate points.


Cup Regatta Course and 2nd race start infomation

The course descriptions have a beat from the start line to a weather gate. Location of this gate and its distance from start will depend on the prevailing sea conditions. The gate can be rounded on either the port or starboard hand.

The predicted weather indicates some decent racing weather. We have courses suitable for wind strength up from 5 knots to 30 knot gusts from any direction that will allow for two races on the Saturday and Sunday.

The start time for the second race will depend on the last finishing time and how the RYCV race committee stand with the concurrent Regatta they are conducting for the Victorian Sports Boat Association. The second race start time will be communicated to the Cup Regatta fleet time by VHF 73.

Nightmare material

Over the Regatta we will be viewing the return of Frances to classic yacht racing. Her skipper Peter Johns would like the fleet to be aware this will be a first time event for himself and his crew. While all are competent racing sailors this will be a first for the fleet to be racing with her. We need to keep in mind how fast and powerful Frances is. Her bow has pierced steel. Peter Johns has beefed Frances up and refined her sheer to look more beautiful but decidedly more deadly. So when it comes to duelling with her on the water keep on mind you are taking on a yacht that has notches on her gun belt from those earlier racing years and has defeated one of the current top performing 8 metre yachts in Europe, Saskia.

Tumlare’s at the Cup Regatta promotion event

Besides Regatta racing we have intentions to conduct one other notable Regatta event, that is a choreographed Tumlaren start between races on Sunday. This will involve 6 and possible more Tumlarens. How this event will be managed let alone made to happen successfully is still being discussed. As we know good ideas seldom work so let’s see if we can break this rule. The intent of this effort is to obtain material for a global campaign to promote our world renowned Tumlaren fleet and our Classic Yacht fleet on a global basis.

Cup Regatta Invitationals

The Guineas Battle continues

So let our Regatta begin with our invitational racing for both the Guineas Cup and our Inter Association Challenge. This is where we see Mercedes III and Boambillee move the bar room and car park battle to the water with the Couta Boats C97 and Gemfish to determine whose the cock. Classic’s or Coutas? This is a unique Classic Yacht event where shameful scenes never to be seen anywhere else, world wide, take place.

Inter Association challenge

With the start of the Guineas come the warning signal for the Elliots. All organised by Dave Allen with some Hot shot and heavy teams from New Zealand and Australian Classic’s, from the Couta Boat Association and an ex gun Hobart Dragon team flying in from Hobart with minutes only to spare will face off in the 6 boat 3 race challenge. Which team will reign supreme as the Iron Chef would scream.

Cup Regatta Welcome function

All the day’s invitational events will be discussed and rehashed over a few and a few more welcoming cocktails at our Regatta launch function to be conducted for us at Docklands. There are some ticket still for this function. EMail David McKenzie pronto to get yourself and crew in. david@jandmck.com

A great and one of the few civilized yachting functions to bring your family to.

The Cup Regatta Reception is one of the venues where the high quality Mark Chew framed Cup Regatta poster of our fleet will be auctioned off.

Melbourne City Marina Berth allocations

Marina Pen allocations are all done and attached.

It’s a worthwhile squeeze to keep the fleet in one location. There some power boat stuck on the T end berth. E08 The Marina marina management have been unable to move it. Frances has been moved from this berth to be close to Sayonara so her length won’t be a hazard to other yachts berthing. Caraid has also been put on an inside berth to minimise the attraction of her stern to other yachts.

Mondays Pursuit Race

Note: The courses descriptions for the Monday Pursuit race are included in the updated pursuit race sail instructions, now on our Web site Regatta page. The original pursuit race SI’s had no course descriptions. 2014 Cup Regatta Pursuit Race Sailing Instructions Oct 30

Cup Regatta BBQ

All the post regatta action will be supported by our regular live music support act. The Long and Short of it. Again they’ll be producing some tunes that will make our Cup Regatta a memorable event. Particularly for our kindred spirit CYANZ visitors. Booking again David at david@jandmck.com

Reminder for the Docklands reception

Don’t forget those BBQ booking and the opportunity to again take in the tunes for one and all by the Long and Short of it. Again David McKenzie’s the go to person to sort out the tickets.

Back to The Main Event

So on to the big event. Race 1 with 26 entrants. As previous promotion has said. We’ll be both participants and spectators watching the re-emergence of Frances, one of Australia’s significant yachts, as a pure racing machine.

26 Classic Yachts, many listed on Australia’s historic vessel register all doing what they were designed to, racing hard and going for the line.

This is it. Welcome to the Cup Regatta.

Cheers and hard racing to all

Peter Costolloe
CYAA Handicapper (Vic)

Cup Regatta Page

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