2013 Classics Winter Series Race 5 Results and points status

Attached are the results of Race 5, along with the 2013 Winter Series points and ML III consistency point’s status after Race 5.

Finally a day where wind and sea conditions gave our Classic Yachts a chance to show what they can do. Nothing beats the moment on a balanced Classic Yacht, when they bear up into the 20+knot gusts with lee gunnel down and only a light hand on the helm. They find the wind shifts for you.

The start was blitzed by the cracks on Martini however after bearing off to not put several Classic yachts to the test Kingurra stormed through the fleet to take over the lead from the windward mark.

The feature of today’s racing was the performance of all the Classic Yachts who don’t have the chance to shine in lighter conditions. Michael McTavish had Serifa performing beautifully. After a great start and picking the right wind on the beats Serifa was duelling with the larger Classic Yachts throughout the race. The word on Marie Loiuse III was ‘where is he now’ after being shadowed all race by Serifa.

There was also a great sailing performance put in by Akala. Watching her flying a kite in those marginal conditions was quite a show. Particularly in those gusty under control round up’s. The work put in by David McNeice and his crew on Akala during those runs paid off in the results.

Analysis of the elapsed times show there was tight racing across the Tumlare fleet where Jim Hutchinson worked Dingo hard to take out the corrected time honours within the Tum fleet after being pipped at the post by 30 seconds from Ettrick. That hard work by a war wounded Doug Jenkin with assistance from Kate Solly and a helping crew hand from Zephyr paid off. With Roger Dundas bringing Avian home 45 seconds behind Dingo showed there was nothing between the Tums after a 100 odd minutes of racing. Mixed in this bunch was Martini who received a 16 second knock out by Dingo.

Hard sailing by Peter and Scott McDonald had Pastime II take out the George Fisscher and Michael team on Boambillee by 67 seconds. For unknown reasons the Mercedes III people kept a watching brief on these two yachts by following them around the course.

No question about the sail of the day. Step up the crew on Cyan. As is always the case when your yacht is having a great day you are never able to watch what the fleet see. This would apply to Cyan. Watching her power up under kite on the first run, tight kite drops at the rounding mark, her tramping past Peter Lloyds Marie Louise III and Mark Chew’s Fairwinds II on a slightly sprung reach to showing the fleet how to recover a runaway spinnaker. Cyan race action with Craig Brown on the helm is a must to be recognised as the sail of the day.

So that’s it for Race 5. Good to see the tight mid fleet corrected times. As usual the top and bottom of the corrected time results show some fun will be had by that handicapper you all know and love with the preparation of the handicaps for Race 6.

One additional item. Pastime II

Peter McDonald has put out a notice on our Web site asking for expressions of interest in the takeover of Pastime II. This is an opportunity to take over a well found and easily driven Classic Yacht that also does well in club racing. The Web Site classifieds tells the Pastime II story.  Below is the address for a short Race 5 video taken from Pastime II. Apart from reliving parts of our race it will also give a glimpse of what it’s like to be on Pastime II.

So next race August 4. More Tall Ship festival news will be available by then. From crewing on the Europa to participating in the Tall ships Festival the Classics are there.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe

CYAA (Vic) Handicapper


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