2013 Classics Winter Series Race 4 Allocated group start times and Sailing Instructions

Attached are the 2013 Winter series race 4 pursuit start group allocations and Sailing Instructions scheduled for 10:30 am June 23.

A small story to bring you into the handicappers world.

The pursuit group start allocation calculations were based on a boat with a handicap of 635 taking 95 minutes to complete the assigned course.  A spread sheet has been developed that requires the allocated handicap of each entrant is to be entered and out pops the start time. As previously mentioned, the allocated handicap of each entrant is based on 3 inputs. The average BCH of the last 5 races, the average of the now used CCH value calculated after each race and the handicapper listening to or overhearing sage post-race comments for skippers and crews. Pre race discussions with the RYCV Race Director regarding course selection, suitable for the prevailing conditions do take place. So the handicappers spirit is willing to have all starters finish together but when the hand of divine providence, aka skippers and crews capabilities, comes into the formula, the handicapper, who you all know and love, becomes a mere mortal once again.

Last week information from the organisers of two events contacted the Association. Each inviting members of the Association to participate.

First up is the previously mentioned Tall Ships Regatta. An ‘in-port’ sailing day on Thursday 12th September has been scheduled. Manoeuvres that involve Admiral Sailing Rules will be conducted along the coast line from Port Melbourne to the south. These manoeuvres, also involve one of the three Naval traditions, consumption of Rum. The other two of these Naval traditions, as described by Winston Churchill, are not discussed in polite circles. Have a look at the attached Admiral Sailing Rules, as published by the organising committee. Our Doug Shields, a member of this committee, is asking for a strong show of the Associations flag at this event

Second item. The Geelong Wooden Boat Festival organiser informed the Association their Portarlington to Geelong passage race, that RGYC conducts for them, will be open to Safety Category 7 Couta boats. These change will now allow our Tums to also compete in the race. The Notice of Race is yet to be issued.

Third item. The Association received the message, as displayed below, from the people operating the Seaworks Museum. It involves a welcome to a Seaworks open house.

So come Sunday 10:30am  when we live again.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

Race 4 Group Start Times

Race 4 June 23 (Pursuit) Sailing Instructions (RYCV)

Rules Admiral Sailing



                                                          SUNDAY 23rd  JUNE 2013


11am – Museum and Site Open for inspection

12.30pm – Assemble in Tavern for complimentary lunch                                                       

1.15pm – Welcome by President.

1.20pm –  Guest Speaker – Therese  ( Ms. Pritchard is CEO of  the Seaworks Foundation. )

1.40pm – Close of Official Function

The Museum will remain open until 3-30pm.

This is an important day for MHAV members – Please attend

Enter from Anne Street off Nelson Place  Williamstown

Lunch compliments of Seaworks.

Ample free Parking

See you there,


Charles Treleaven

Maritime Heritage Association of Victoria.

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