2013 Classics Winter Series Race 3 Entries, Handicaps and Sailing Instructions

Sea conditions forecast for Sunday indicate we are in for some lee gunnel down Classic Racing.

The attachments have the Race 3 assigned handicaps for all entrants plus the associated Race 3 Sailing Instructions.  Note that Item 8, time limit, is the same as Race 2. The recorded time of the first finisher will be announced when the race results are published.

Although our corrected times for previous races are tight across a range of sea conditions, small changes have been made to reflect the Race 2 results.

I’ll attempt to have the Race 3 results available asap after the race. Sometimes HBYC are a bit iffy in this area. Scott McDonald will post the provisionals on our web site asap.

Till 10:30 am on Sunday when we live again. Remember no rush of blood to the head barging at the start.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

Sailing Instructions Race 3 June 2 (HBYC)

Entries and Handicaps (HBYC) May 27 Issue 1

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