2012/2013 Summer Series Race 4 Dec 9 SI’s plus Entries and Handicaps (Posted 6.12.12)

Dear Skippers and crews of the Classics 2012/2013 Summer Series

Attached are the December 9 Race 4 Sailing Instructions, entries and allocated handicaps.

There’s been some fine tuning of the fleets handicaps.  These changes, when plugged into the previous race, Race 3, resulted in no change to the recorded results for that race.

This Sundays race is scheduled to start at 10:30 am will be conducted for us by the Royal Yacht club of Victoria under control of their Race Director, David LeRoy.

The predicted on water conditions indicates a fast race for Sunday, from previous experience with the this early forecasts you have to wait for the day. With the weather variations so far this week we can only hope.

At our recent AGM subject of skippers encouraging their regular crew that haven’t taken up association crew membership was raised.  Apart from all being in the team angle, the presence and credibility of the Association with a strong membership base plays a serious and important role in two areas. When we negotiate dates for our racing within a very tight racing calendar of our conducting clubs is one, another is not being involved with race day passes. On a state and national basis the Association is considered the Classic Yachting reference. A strong and active membership base is required to maintain this status.

Pennants? As previously mentioned, our stock of CYAA  pennants has been replenished, as the author Evelyn Waugh told us when all else fails “Put out more flags”. We certainly haven’t failed but the Association’s on water image is enhanced with our fleet flying the Association pennant from the port spreader. We must publish the pennant flying protocol that Doug Shields, “Sayonara” has provided  us. For those wishing to obtain a pennant. Let’s know and I’ll have it available on Sunday. A $65.00 EFT to the Classics BSB will do the job.

Sailing and racing activity will continue over the Holiday season. Here’s some events to consider:

1. Coutas – conducting KPMG / Portsea Cup on 3, 4 and 5 January. Great time for a cruise, watching the racing and supporting the Coutas. Contact Martin at Martin.Ryan@mutualltd.com.au.

2. Festival of Sails – 25 to 27 January. A volunteer needed as organiser to interface with the FoS organisers and RGYC. An essential event for those skippers of our fleet that are heavy into passage racing. RGYC look after us with a prestige tie up location in the Fishermans pool. Efforts are underway to help RGYC look after us handicap wise as well.

3. NZ Classic Regatta – 8, 9 & 10 February If you are going / thinking of going advise Cameron at cdorrough@nortonconsultants.com so we can be organised.

4. Guineas Cup / Queenscliff Regatta – 22, 23 & 24 March. Separate start will be available for the Classics. Contact Martin at Martin.Ryan@mutualltd.com.au.

5. The Australian Wooden Boat Festival 5th Feb Hobart. – apart from the Regatta events there’s a match race between two of Hobarts noted Classic Yachts “Sirocco” and “Landfall” These were the first yachts designed by Sparkman and Stevens outside of the US. Both built in Hobart. “Landfall” is being sailed down from Sydney by CYAA members to compete in The Derwent Gift” against “Sirocco” Members of Bob Barrs, “Caraid” family will be pushing “Sirrocco”. More event details will be obtained later, however organisers are asking for all Classic Yachts in Hobart at this time to show support of this match racing event.

One final item. Racing Rules of Sailing. An explanation on one of the race start rules is attached. It’s a heads up on “Barging” at the race start. No nanny state stuff about this subject. There’s no excuse, whatsoever the story, for barging.

No more. It’s race time. Race 4, 10:30 am Sunday. Let’s go.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe

CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

Race 4 Entries and Handicaps

Race 4 Sailing Instructions

Flag Etiquette

RRS Barging and Keeping Clear


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