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Race 7 story and details can be seen with this link

Links to the Race 7 Results, plus status of Summer Series Rust Shackle Aggregate (with no worst score drop) including the Tumlaren Series status and the Marie Louise III Consistency Trophy.

Click on link for preliminary results for today Classic race, Race 7. Full results and post race story for Race 7 will be posted after handicappers analysis of the result. Race 8 March 3 Final race of the series, a pursuit start at RYCV.

Light winds with a shortened course made the race a one mark race. Tumlarens featured big time in Race 7. Congratulations go to Dingo for her first on corrected time. Jim Hutchinson with his crew simply blitzed the fleet. A brilliant light wind sail. Mercedes III, with Martin Ryan holding his nerve did a one tack hitch along the shore, was back to her old ways of taking out line honors in a big way. Not be be left behind after her one metre over the start line recall Manuka Rere with Cam Smith on the helm and all fresh from his HBYC Sea Pilots race the previous day didn’t put any of her nineteen feet wrong to take out the third podium placing. A race 7 honorable mention must go to the fourth placing by the Tumlaren Avian. With Mark Chew on the helm all that skill from helming, Paula the Aust. Olympic Re. Dragon.

CYAA Summer Series Race 7 conducted by Hobsons Bay Yacht Club

The Feb 15 Race 7 pre race notes can be seen here

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Summer Series Race 6 Results including what if’s, Series and Consistency aggregates

Race 6 Post race notes are here Ticketing for the CYAA/CBA Cocktail function is shut. Booked out with a venue limit of 150 people is the word

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Race 6 pre race notes Jan 22 2019

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RMYS Notice to Competitors Mark F is out of the water. Use R2 as replacement rounding mark for CYAA Courses.

For the latest version of the 2019 Australian Wooden Boat Festival Afloat entries and assigned location directory Jan 26_2 directory click on the link The Ashore entries with assigned location Directory Jan 26_2 can be seen here. These links are to downloadable and key word searchable pdf’s.