2013 Winter Series Race 4 Results

cyaa2306Attached are the results of Race 4 the delayed start Pursuit race. Sorry for the delay publishing these results. The results as published by RYCV used a previous pursuit race entry list. The attached list includes all the Race 4 entries.

With light wind conditions the results indicate a close finish between most of the starters. Under conditions she was made for, Sayonara had the sail of the day. Not only did she take out first over the line but under the helm of Dave Allen, she improved on her time gap from the back markers, the George Fisscher and Michael Rhodes team on Boambille and Ian Macfarlane’s team on Kingurra. The elapsed on water times of all finishers were analysed using two set of handicaps. Set 1 were those that evolved from Race 3 and set 2 were those used to cram all starters into an equitable group start time frame. There was no change to the race finishing order except for two yachts further down the list for set 1 and no order change for set 2.

As we had several yachts that unfortunately couldn’t make the delayed start and the race being shortened maybe there’ll be no changes to the handicaps for Race 5. Because there was a wide gap in times at the front and back of the fleet,  I’ll take a look at the various 5 race averages to be sure.

I’d like to award DNF points to these boats that came out and couldn’t race. Sympathy points are not in the rules.

Below is a photo of the winner of Race 4 Sayonara, taken on the day and kindly provided to us by David McNiece of Akala.

Sayonara June 23 pre race

Recently thoughts have been aired about ways and means to have more time on the water racing. A  suggestion to help this idea happen is to set up one of our winter series races as a passage race finishing at the Sandringham Yacht Club for a tie up and lunch. This would also be a way for our fleet from the top of the bay to recognise the efforts those of our fleet from SYC make to compete with us.  Any comments? The only date available for our 2013 Winter Series is August 18. Maybe a bit too early. During our Summer Series maybe, the return sail could be a reacher under a Southerly. Elapsed times derived from staggered starts times could be used. Bit like a pursuit start but no first over the line. This idea could be used for our series racing to allow all out fleet to finish a race.

Some Sydney Classic Fleet news.

Nigel Stoke of Fidelis from our Sydney fleet busy organising the 10th annual Classic Yacht Sydney to Lord Howe Island race. Due to take place shortly after our local Cup Regatta in November. He will keep us informed of developments leading up to the race and what happens during the race. Crewing places are available. Nigel is also planning to take Fidelis over to Auckland to compete in the 100 year Auckland anniversary Classic Yacht Regattas.

Some local news.

Renene is receiving a deck structure makeover at Ferdy Darlys shed. Take a look below.  Kent Bacon and his crew have been hard at it preparing the way for Ferdy.

Renene with Deck cover removed June 21 2013

That’s it for now

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

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