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CYAA 2015/2016 Summer Series Race 5 December 13

Attached are the Results along with the Series Aggregate and Marie Louise III consistency trophy status.

All’s well that’s ends well were the words for the day. After resolving our pre race management issues, today race, without exaggeration was one of the better Classic Yacht races for some time.



Race start

With a decent breeze and flat water the Classic fleet of 19 starters all going for an on the money start were described as a sight and a half by the race committee. Avian at the pin end and Boambillee at the committee led the fleet away in great style. In the middle was Sayonara with full rig and fully committed for her on time start, under the helm of Ron Evans our CYAA Sydney member. Warringa was another Classic who started well under a never seen before asymmetrical.

Kites were cracked to work on the fully shy run. Some could and some couldn’t hold them was the result. Those classic’s who held on with full kites were soon in leeway trouble.


Race 5 after the start France’s leading Sayonara with Warringa in the background

At Gellibrand. Photo from Gordon Tait skipper of Ettrick.

Following Boambillee, who was part of the1969 NSW Southern Cross Sydney to Hobart team, lead the fleet out to the Gellibrand Shoal mark. Following her was a sail off between two of the notable classic yachts, both winners of Australia premier yachting trophy. Sayonara launched in 1897  and Sayonara cup winner in 1907 and Frances launched in 1948 and Sayonara cup winner 1951/1952. In close company was Trim, the Ohlsen 35, and the Tumlaren pod of  Avian, Sirocco and Ettrick.

Down to P3

Boambillee led the Classic fleet at the mark rounding and all set for the running duel with Frances. Sayonara. her large crew on the lee side and constant headsail trimming, was keeping in contact with the leaders.

At was not the time to look behind as not far from the Tums and Trim was the swift flying bird, Tandanya, designed by Henry Rasmussen and launched in 1936, was under the helm of Stephen Lake, to lead the still the top scoring Admirals Cup Yacht of 1967, Mercedes III, around the P3 mark.

After an excellent run to P3 the fleet was still bunched up. Bungoona wasn’t far behind along with two more Tumlarens, Snow Goose and a rapidly closing Dingo along with the Knud Reimers Albatross designed Bluejacket helmed by Doug Jenkin. Chris Havré’s Akuna was also on the pace. Martini and Cyan  had recovered after stalling at the start while Michael McTavish was giving Serifa her first Classic Yacht race for some time.

This fleet bunching was going to bring in some interesting corrected time results said the handicapper. Any mistake will be costly.

Back to Gellibrand and then Mark 72 and down to R4.

Frances had overhauled Boambillee and set a kite on the approach to Mark 70 to take advantage of the wind set change by Breakwater pier. In procession those in the fleet who could set kites did. More down wind work was the go , Sirocco, while trying to take wind away from Mercedes III worked hard to hold off Avian and Ettrick. Akuna was also into kite flying mode.

Back to the finish.

With a windward work tacking duels between Frances and Boambillee saw Frances lead the fleet across the line while exhausted crews from each Classic called for the smelling salts. Classic yacht tacking duels and crew age cannot go on forever.

Sayonara also put in a close up wind performance to hold off Mercedes III. Phil Atkins had Trim in a comfortable position to follow while Sirocco held off Avian and Ettrick. Warringa was next after deciding not to bother asking Rolly Tasker for help. The tums Dingo and Snow Goose were through next with Tandanya and Bluejacket not far behind. Martini, Bungoona and Cyan were caught by a dying breeze while on the run to R4. Closing the Classic Fleet race for the day and still on the pace were Loama, Serifa and Akuna.

After race Soirée  

Our end of the race year BBQ thanks to work of the Tumlaren team headed up by Karen Batson was the hit of the day.

Thanks go to Sam Cowell and Tony Hoppe of Warringa for their assistance to the handicapper to calculate the corrected time results. Invaluable assistance that saved the day.


Part of the Tumlaren BBQ Team. Photo from Gordon Tait

Corrected Time Results

Time corrected times were a feature of the race results. The first 5 placing were inside one minute. Only small numbers of elapsed time seconds separated the first four placings. Close to six minutes separated the placings up to 17th. Close racing with no mistakes was the order of the day.

Presentation of the Lark Distillery trophies from the Cup Regatta 2015 were made prior to the Race 5 results announcements.


TimBoucaut Skipper of Warringa received the Cup Regatta 2015 Lark Distillery trophy for  Best overall

Great cheer was the noise when Bon Munro’s Tandanya was announced as the corrected time winner. Congratulation for the pay off for the hard racing put in by Stephen Lake and the Tandanya crew.

Racing 2016

The Summers series restarts January 31.

Happy Christmas and New Year to all

Peter Costolloe

CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

Results Link

Race 5 Results worksheet

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CYAA 2015/2016 Summer Series Race 5 December 13

Race 5 Documentation

Attached are the Race 5 Sailing Instructions and allocated handicaps.

Race format change

The ISAF World Series and Olympic selection trials for Off the Beach craft, conducted at RMYS, have made some last minute changes necessary. No pursuit start and no RYCV conducting the race. The race committee people and vessels of RYCV and HBYC clubs are doing ISAF work.

Race 5 on Dec 13 will be a mass start with a scheduled start time of 10:30 am. It will be conducted by the Hobsons Bay Yacht Club. The start and finish area will be in the vicinity of Channel marks 17 and 70. The HBYC committee vessel will be the HBYC Rescue Boat Shirley Freeman. VHF Channel 73 is the working radio channel.

There’s the possibility of other yachts in the start area as HBYC will be conducting their two handed scheduled to start at 11:00am.

ISAF Race Schedule Information

To know what’s going on with the ISAF Racing on Sunday the race schedule and the allocated waters map have been attached.  30 knot winds predicted for midday tomorrow may cause the ISAF schedule for Sunday could be far different to what’s published.

Light winds are predicted for Sunday morning, your handicapper has made some weather based adjustments.


End of year BBQ at RYCV 

Our end of year BBQ at RYCV will be on. The Tumlaren team  of Anne and Karen Batson assisted by Roger Dundas and Mal Botterill will be presiding . Donati sausages and fixing prepared from Karen Batson’s Boney restaurant kitchen will be on the table. $5.00 is the go for a roll with sausage, onions and sauce.A short comment on Donati Hams as presented in the Age Good food Guide is below.


Cup Regatta 2015 Trophy Presentation.

Every chance the generation of race 5 results will be slow. To make up for this the Lark Distillery trophies for Cup Regatta 2015 will be presented.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

Check out the info below.

In the Uira story there’s a comment about asking for news on what other restoration or repair project going on.


Geelong Wooden Boat Festival March 2016 

Race entries for the Portarlington to Geelong passage race are now open. Tumlarens have been given a big welcome.

While the Geelong WBF Web site has no reference to the Wooden Boat shop sponsored Dinner it’s definitely on. Checked on that score with Stuart Dicksen today. $60.00 is the gate fee. Stuart is working with the RGYC to arrange a booking process. Key note speaker at the dinner will be Tim Jarvis of the first authentic retracing of polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton’s “double” – sailing a replica James Caird life boat 1500 kilometres across the Southern Ocean from Elephant Island, Antarctica, to South Georgia before climbing over its mountainous interior using the same rudimentary equipment, period clothing, and technology as Shackleton. Other expeditions of Tim Jarvis include journeys to the South and North Poles, across Australia’s largest desert, the Great Victoria Desert and in retracing the polar journey of Sir Douglas Mawson using 100 year old gear and equipment and starvation rations as Mawson did in 1913.

Uira and her restoration

For all those watching the progress of the Uira restoration She’s finally arrived at Peter Dennistons Celltec factory at Laverton for her extended make over.


Here’s the man behind the push. Look him up after Race 5 to tell him how you’ll assist in the restoration project. Peter helms Loama with Joe Tuck and Matthew Fewster. . Uira will be the forth restoration this trio have taken on. There’s a facebook site to check out.


These Classic Yacht restorations such as Waitangi, Sayonara, Acrospire III, Tumlarens, Tina of Melbourne, the Colin Archers in Renene and Snow Goose, on going, and many others plus all of our fleet around the country being kept up in race condition, demonstrate the importance of the Classic Yacht Association to the national maritime heritage.  Put your hand up if you want to make our members aware of what your up to with your Classic resto or repair project. We can make a CYAA magazine story on the subject.


Donati Hams

A short plug for Donati Hams as seen in the Good Food guide to Christmas Hams

Score: 14.5/20 SECOND PLACE

Issues such as broken skin and uneven smoking were made up for in the scoring on aroma, flavour and mouth feel. It had a “smoky and virile aroma” according to Michael Harden, and was very moist without dripping with water. It was made by Leo Donati in Melbourne’s Carlton from the legs of large sows , brined and smoked over Tasmanian hardwood.

Victoria only, $21.90 per kilogram, 03 9347 4948

2015_2016 Summer Series Race 5 December 13 Sailing Instructions (HBYC) V8_12_1

2015_2016 Summer Series Race 5 Dec 13 Entries and Handicaps (HBYC) Amendment 1

ISAF Race Water Schedule I

ISAF Racing areas

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CYAA 2015/2016 Summer Series Race 4 Results and comments

2015/2016 Summer Series Race 4 November 29

Sandringham Yacht Club

The Results and Series Aggregate status

Attached are the Results of Classic 2015/2016 Summer Series Race 4 conducted for the CYAA by the Sandringham Yacht Club.

Classic Yacht Racing returns to Sandringham Yacht Club

Some 18 years have elapsed since the SYC conducted a race for the CYAA. Reports from the Classic Yacht skippers and crews that competed in today’s pursuit race at SYC indicated fresh air had blown into Classic Yacht racing on Port Phillip.

Pre race leg work between the Classic Association and SYC Race administration sorted out the arrangements for conducting the Classics’ Race 4 as a pursuit start race with the SYC Classic’s competing in the SYC Tumblehome Series.  With the Classic’s using Spinnaker’s while the SYC Club Classic’s racing as non Spinnaker’s, figuring out how handle the scoring where Classic’s Association Classic’s and SYC Club classic’s competed in both divisions and aligning a pursuit race start times were challenges. The race results indicate low stress teamwork between the Classics and SYC.

Action in the SYC Race Tower

Race management began at 9:30am with the CYAA and SYC Race director working on a course selection decision. With a 6 knot breeze that could drop out and with pursuit race start times based on a 95 minute race, the 8.3 mile SYC Course 13 was selected. This course provided the option of a tower based shorten course decision and allow the fleet backmarkers a chance to be with the first off starters to the finish line. Wishful handicapper thinking, didn’t happen.  But lot’s of Classic Yacht racing action in an attempt to make the handicapper happy. Wishful Classic Fleet thinking. Didn’t happen. Doesn’t matter. All the Classic fleet went home happy after another day of more great Classic Yacht racing action. That’s what matter’s.

With two pairs of binoculars in the SYC Race tower continually scanning the northern waters of Port Phillip a Classic fleet of 13 starters were identified.  The scene of the day for the SYC Tower was to watch the topsail hoisting action on Sayonara. “and they do it without winches” was the comment.

Pre race tactics for Classic Yachts

It times of light breeze’s it doesn’t pay to stray too far from the start line to develop some boat speed. The short duration between the start time and crossing the start line show most, but not all, of the Classic Fleet are finally learning this very subtle race start tactic.

Akuna leads the fleet off

A one up Akuna picked the right course and sailed well with the first off SYC Classic’s. She was followed by Bluejacket with Doug Jenkin helming. Her top crew of Kath Solly, Anne Batson and Charlie Salter didn’t take long to trim the flying jib into drawing mode. With her first Classic race for some time Kent Bacon on the helm of Renene was given many on water welcome back calls. Renene looked a picture from the tower as she crossed the start line. Warringa made an on time start and was followed by an on time Martini at full speed. After a small time break the Tumlarens were next off. Snow Goose hit the line 15 seconds ahead of Avian followed by a smart start by Ettrick two minutes later. Cyan followed this group of Tumlarens to make sure all was well. Phil Atkins had Trim all set for a well judged full speed on time start 4 minutes later. Sayonara was next with the SYC Tower attempting to count the crew on board. Then the Boambillee/ Mercedes III battle started. With 2 minutes separating them at the start both these Classics’ were hard at work to reel in the fleet.

SYC Race Tower Stress

To relieve the full on no idle talk, stress of the race start, tea break time in the SYC race tower was the call.

Top Mark action

At the first turning mark rounding Kites began to pop. Martini, Trim and Ettrick did well on the wind shifts to move up through the fleet. Sayonara had her crew working hard to keep up with the fleet in the light breeze beat. Bluejacket,  after rounding, started a spinnaker run to slice through the front markers.  On the run to the next mark Bluejacket was about to take the lead but was forced into the lee and lost her kite pressure. The way she goes was the word. No kite loss on Martini as they held on to the last moment to keep Trim at bay.

Shorten course decision

With a breeze at the still around the 6 knots but with only an hour and 20 minutes elapsed from the start the Race committee decided, no shorten course. Sure enough, 10 minutes after the decision the wind dropped.

Fleet positions at the finish line first time around

After SYC 3 mark rounding, Bluejacket took all the slight shifts to lead the fleet past the Race tower in one tack  The table shows how the fleet were moving. Approaching the finish line for the first time tight Spinnaker work on Boambillee and Mercedes III had them pick up the fleet 10 minutes on the fleet.

More sights of the day for the SYC race tower as Sayonara came the line in grand classic style. with her flying jib and a top sail working, she had the SYC club house tilt as all the members at the bar ran out onto their balcony to see the sight.

Start Time At SYC 4 /Tower Start Time At SYC 4 /Tower
BlueJacket 10:06 11:21:55 Boambillee 10:30 11:37:11
Martini 10:10 11:25:34 Snow Goose 10:16 11:37:14
Trim 10:22 11:29:27 Mercedes III 10:32 11:40:19
Ettrick 10:18 11:30:50 Renene 10:08 11:45:52
Warringa 10:08 11:31:25 Cyan 10:18 11:47:23
Avian 10:16 11:35:32 Sayonara 10:24 11:49:54
Akuna 10:00 11:59:35

Fleet bunching action

The breeze built slightly but was full of lift and knock flaws. At the next rounding of SYC 1 top mark, the mid fleet had bunched with port/starboard calls happening. Boambillee extended her lead on Mercedes III but both had gained on the fleet. Sayonara with all crew on the lee side was well heeled over to make good speed through the light breeze. Her heel over angle was at the angle where  she looked like she was in a 15 knot breeze.

On the final run to SYC 7, Trim couldn’t catch Bluejacket while Martini fought hard to hold off Ettrick and a poled out Boambillee. Avian, Warringa and Snow Goose also had a closely watched spinnaker run.

Tight finish for some.

Coming up to the finish line Bluejacket held off Trim while Boambillee was hauling both in but it was a finish line too far. Mercedes III couldn’t catch Ettrick but with three Race tower people in line for a finish line judgement Mercedes III with Martin Ryan and his 7 crew took Martini out by a second at the finish line. To complete the race, Avian held off Warringa by 30 seconds and Snow Goose by 2 minutes. Sayonara followed through in full sail some 10 minutes later to give the SYC bar crowd another glimpse of what Classic Yacht racing on Port Phillip is all about. Bringing up the Classic Fleet to receive the final SYC race tower salute was a closely watched Cyan.

Down went to SYC race tower pennant to signal the end of Classic Yacht Summer Series Race 4 at Sandringham Yacht Club.

Sorry but no photos of what happened on the day.

Fleet times going through the final finish line.
Classic Yacht Start Time At SYC 4 /Tower Finish Time Classic Yacht Start Time At SYC 4 /Tower Finish Time
BlueJacket 10:06 11:21:55 12:41:57 Avian 10:16 11:35:32 13:03:04
Trim 10:22 11:29:27 12:49:21 Snow Goose 10:16 11:37:14 13:05:06
Boambillee 10:30 11:37:11 12:50:34 Warringa 10:08 11:31:25 13:05:35
Ettrick 10:18 11:30:50 12:53:38 Sayonara 10:24 11:49:54 13:13:10
Mercedes III 10:32 11:40:19 12:54:07 Cyan 10:18 11:47:23 13:15:15
Martini 10:10 11:25:34 12:54:08 Akuna 10:00 11:59:35 DNF
Renene 10:08 11:45:52 DNF

After a short blip with the finish times, the 3rd version of the results went out.

Congratulations go to Bluejacket for their first over the line performance. Watching them slice through the Classic and Tumblehome fleet was a feature of Race 4. No such thing a free lunch though. Skipper Doug Jenkin so chuffed with his result had his top crew drinking Pusser Rum all the way home.

Best on course elapsed time congratulations goes to Boambillee with an on course time of140.57 minutes. They pipped Mercedes III by 1.15 minutes.

Corrected time results were calculated for the race. We need these results for the Marie Louise III Consistency Trophy. The Race 4 corrected times were calculated using the on course times and the Handicaps used to calculate the starting times for each entrant.

Congratulations go to Sayonara for best performance on Corrected time.

All up congratulations to all the Race 4 starters for the display of tight Classic yacht racing performance given to the SYC Members. It was all watched with head nodding interest.

Big day for Classic Yacht racing on Port Phillip

While the Classic Fleet returned to their home clubs after the race, Tim Boucaut and his Warringa crew dropped into the SYC for some after an race warm down with Phil Atkins crew on Trim.

On other event was to watch was the return of Christella, under the helm of John Clark, Classic Racing on Port Phillip. Christella previously raced with the Classic Fleet with John Devers, our CYAA Member now in Brisbane, when on the RYCV register. In between she has raced with the Classic Fleet in Brisbane. Her stirring life story of ocean racing and voyaging was featured in a recent CYAA magazine article.

The Classic will send a note of thanks to the SYC Commodore for the support from the SYC Race Committee and the race management team in the SYC Race Tower that made the Classic Summer Series Race on Sunday a successful combined event with the SYC Tumblehome Series for Classic Yachts. A must do event for the Classic 2016 Summer. Thanks also goes to our Classic member at SYC, Phil Atkins of Trim for his perseverance to make the Classic Summer Series Race 4 at SYC happen.

Next Race December 13.

Next Summer Series race will be Dec 13, Race 5.  Again a pursuit race starting at the RYCV Marina, 10:30am. Let’s see what the handicapper can do to the fleet this time.

Our Dec 6 race at RYCV had to be moved. No racing in RMYS waters.  Dec 6 will see the ISAF and Olympic select trials for Off the Beach dinghies in a full on status.

An after Race 5 BBQ at RYCV has been organised. The BBQ will feature Donati of Lygon Street sausages and Karen Batson’s team from her Cookie and Boney’s resturants preparing the fixings. $5.00 per sausage and bread roll with fixing will be the go.

All up another day of signature Classic Yachting on Port Phillip

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe

CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

ACH_ BCH and corr time calculations

Results Page

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CYAA 2015/2016 Summer Series Race 4 at SYC

2015/2016 Summer Series Race 4 November 29

Sandringham Yacht Club


Attached are the Sailing Instructions for Race 4 of the CYAA 2015/2016 Summer Series

As previously advised, for the first time in 18 years when the Waitangi was racing with the CYAA fleet, this CYAA Summer Series race, is being conducted for the CYAA by the Sandringham Yacht Club.

The SYC Notice of Race has designated this race as Race 1 of the SYC Tumblehome Pursuit Race Series for Classic Yachts. The start times of Classic Yachts who are competing in the CYAA Summer Series Race 4 and who have also entered in the SYC Tumblehome series are allocated the same offset start time for this race.

The scheduled start time is 10:00am with a finish time of 1:00pm

The CYAA Fleet allocated start times are based on an average on course time of 95 minutes.

The Sailing instructions contain descriptions of the courses that will be used for this race. A map showing the approximate locations of the SYC Fixed marks has been included in the Sailing Instructions. An additional map showing the locations of these marks in colour has been attached to assist.

The attached Sailing Instructions are a combination of the information in the Notice of Race and the SYC Sailing Instructions. The pursuit race light sequence used by the SYC Race Tower has been included. For any clarification use the links below for the official SYC Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions.

The VHF Radio channel used by SYC is Channel  77.

Big event of the race will be the return to Classic Yacht racing by Boambillee. After taking a maintenance time out, George Fisscher and Michael Rhodes plus their crew put in the hard work to bring her back to the fleet for this race.

Our Classic members at SYC are all looking forward to showing the SYC what Classic Yacht Association fleet racing is all about. Our Member from SYC,Phil Atkins with Trim has been hard at work generating the news of the fleets’ arrival at SYC this Sunday. Phil tells us the fleet is welcome to tie up for some after race socialising before returning to their home clubs.

One feature of the race is the number of Classic Yachts from the RYCV and RMYS that have entered the 3 race series. It’s not too late for other Classic skippers to join in the Series.

Regards to all and here’s to some decent weather and a tight race

Peter Costolloe CYAA (Vic) Handicapper




2015_2016 Summer Series Race 4 Nov 29 Sailing Instructions (SYC)

2015_2016 Summer Series Race 4 (Pursuit) November 29 Start Times (SYC)

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CYAA 2015/2016 Summer Series Race 3 Nov 15 Pre race notes


CYAA RYCV Lipton logo

CYAA 2015/2016 Summer Series Race 3 November 15

November 11 2015

2015/2016 Summer Series Race 3 Sailing Instructions and Handicaps.

CYAA Summer Series Race 3 Sunday November 15 will be conducted by the RYCV in conjunction with the Lipton Cup Regatta.

Sailing instruction details for this race have to be downloaded from the RYCV Web site to ensure you are up to date with any race documentation changes. Check this web site prior to racing to ensure any race documentation changes are not missed. To be consistent the Entry and handicap list plus the CYAA Course map for the Lipton Cup Regatta long distance race also have to be downloaded using the links in these Race 3 pre-race notes

Download start sheet here for the 2015_2016 Summer Series Race 3 November 15 Entries and Handicaps

The CYAA Fleet for Race 3 will be a combined start with the 2015 RYCV Lipton Cup Regatta Cruising and Classic Division. The Division start is scheduled for 10:10am Sunday morning. The division flag for the CYAA Fleet will be the CYAA pennant. Other combined divisions are scheduled to start at 10:00am and 10:05am. Skipper and navigators keep a watch on the Committee flag sequences in case a preceding division has a general recall. VHF Channel will be the working channel of the RYCV Committee vessel Thorsen.

Yachts from all divisions are required to pass through the Windward gate and on the R2 gate prior to sailing their allocated course.

The RYCV Sailing Instructions for the Classic entrants to use is the Cruising and Classic Division Long course is available on the RYCV Lipton Cup Regatta web page at 2015 Lipton Cup Regatta Sailing Instructions

To be informed on the Lipton Cup Regatta Long distance race procedures, download the 2015 Sailing Instructions for Cruising Division and Long Race Cruising and Classics Division plus the Course area diagram and the Notice to Competitors No. 1.

The Long Course Area diagram and Notices to Competitors provide race start/finish area information and start times. A radio listening watch on VHF Channel 69 and 12 by all Classic Yacht competing is required. There’s two shipping channel crossing in this race.

A CYAA course map for this race is available here. CYAA 2015_2016 Summer Series Race 3 Course Description

After race 3 on the RYCV deck Cup Regatta 2015 Lark Distillery Trophies will be presented as detailed below in the Cup Regatta 2015 comments

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

Now take a look at the Cup Regatta story below. A detailed report with lot’s of pics is being prepared for the CYAA November/December issue.

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Cup Regatta 2015 Pre Regatta Notes

Attached is the program of events in line to happen at the Cup Regatta 2015. Take a read. It will give an idea of what and when events will take place.

The big event of the Regatta will be the first time showing of the Tony Blake Perpetual Cup Regatta Trophy at the Cocktail reception. What will be more remarkable is the formula used to figure out who is awarded the first winner to be recorded on the honour board. Some remarkable door prizes as well are up with all attendees at the reception and Cup Regatta entrants also attending. Those attending the Presentation BBQ a chance to take something home. The selection process for some of those Sponsor trophies will keep the handicapper busy.

All the Sailing Instructions and Course details are ready for downloading from the CYAA Web Site Cup Regatta 2015 web page. There’s four sets of SI’s The general SI and 3 for specific event SI’s, The Guineas/InterDominion, the Saturday and Sunday Allocated courses and the Monday pursuit race.

15 courses have been set up to cover both allocated course and pursuit races. There’s a separate set of Course Descriptions and a single pdf that contains all the course maps. All courses have been reviewed by the RYCV Race Director. Although the current conditions forecast don’t indicate any weather fronts similar to what happened last year the Race Director retains the right use the courses from the RYCV Sailing Instructions if the wind conditions indicate 20 knot + winds.

The list of entrants and the allocated handicaps is also available on the Cup Regatta 2015 web site page. Any late entrants can be included with some trouble but a cut off will be Friday 10:00am.

So have a read of the attached pdf. Lot’s of links are embedded to give recognition to our Cup Regatta Sponsors and access to the Sponsors web site home page.

One item not covered in the pdf is on and off water photography of Cup Regatta 2015 action.

There will be an RYCV chase boat travelling with the Fleet in a Rescue vessel capacity. It will also be available for some CYAA member with the right gear to take candid shots of the Fleet in Full Regatta action. Same goes for those who seem to find the time to take photo’s while racing. Mark Chew is ready for receiving them for his CYAA Instagram site. Mark and I can set up a procedure to have your images posted.

Cup Regatta 2015!! It’s all about to happen.

With 4 mass start races in two days those start line attack skills will be in fine shape and ready for the next Summer Series race.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper



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CYAA Summer Series Race 2 Results and Cup Regatta forms


Attached are the results of the 2015/2016 Summer Series Race 2 along with the Series and Marie Louise III Consistency Aggregate status.

Results and series aggregate can be seen on the RYCV Web site at

Delayed Start

While shipping movement times are published, delays to these shipping movements aren’t forecast. Such was the situation on Sunday morning when Melbourne VTS requested the Race officer to postpone our start as delayed shipping movement were about to happen in the allocated course vicinity.

So after the car carrier passed the Race Committee vessel Thorsen and Spirit III finally departed Station Pier at moo cow speed while belching blue smoke, down went the AP to signal a 10:50 am start.

The start.

With Loama, Boambillee and Cyan still scrambling to make the line from the other side of the shipping channel to others approaching the start line from the on course side and Bungoona making a close to an over the line start, the 19 strong Classic fleet hit the line cleanly from both directions. The individual recall signal to sounded with a code X signal to remind all those on course side at the start to correctly clear the start line.

Back to her tight start reputation at the committee boat end was Mercedes III who powered away from the fleet with Cyan following. Fair Winds was also one of the fleet leaders after the start. Zephyr recovered from a delayed start by tacking over to the shipping channel to chase the Ann Street puff.

Sayonara with no top sail flying and Warringa were both working hard to recover from being pushed down the line. Boambillee with a slightly delayed start due her call to change from No 2 to No 1 head sail slowly made up ground on Pastime II to begin her chase of Fair Winds.

At the Top Mark by the shipping channel junction.

Mercedes III again showed the fleet she was hot with an on the button kite hoist, by then Frances, although under ragged, was reeling her in on the dead run to the turning mark by Station Pier. Fair Winds also had a smart kite set. We won’t talk about the next time though. Kites also popped on all the Tumlaren fleet and Martini. Trim also set a kite to begin her departure from Marie Loiuse III and Cyan.

The smartest looking kite of the day goes to the Russell Kennedy Lawyers sponsored day glo blue high shouldered kite made by North Sails, a Cup Regatta 2015 sponsor, sent up by Boambillee.  Boambillee’s new kite is another example of the acknowledgement of the reputation of Classic Yacht racing on Port Phillip.

At the Station Pier turning Mark

Martini with her kite run, gave Marie Louise III a fright by being with her at the turning mark although ML III’s water line said that’s enough of that. Bungoona was doing well to be with this group. Being watched closely by the handicapper were the dynamic trio on Loama who had her working well and Akuna who continued to sail well. With Warringa the handicapper had already closed his eyes and moved into his sharpened pencil twitch mode.

The finish

Through the race a close on battle between Dingo and Marie Louise III never stopped till the finish line. Mercedes III and her high performance crew continued to hold off Frances to take out a well raced line honours. Pastime II although bested by 3rd over the line Boambillee held off Fair Winds by 13 seconds. Trim kept improving on her gap to the following fleet to finally be 7 minutes ahead of Zephyr. Marie Louise III pipped Dingo who was followed Ettrick with a broken spinnaker pole and then Cyan who gave Marie Louise III a big let off. Avian then followed by a minute  and led Snow Goose home  by 2 minutes  while Sayonara with no topsail followed.

A close 20 seconds separated Bungoona from Warringa who in turn lead Bluejacket home by 20 seconds. Home the came a slab lighter Loama after a hard sail. Unfortunately Akuna hit the finish line quite well but not on the right side of the mark. Next time says Chris Havre.


Corrected time went to Warringa who picked the wind shifts to be on the Naval Docks side of the course. Congratulations again go to Tim Boucaut and his hot shot wind picking crew. Warringa was followed by Blue Jacket who put a hard sail with hard kite sets and Bungoona who gave her yard stick Martini  a good work out.

All up another day of hard and enjoyable Classic Yacht racing on Port Phillip.

Received a note from Tim Boucaut. He’s looking for a wooden Spinnaker pole for Warringa. Anyone able to help Tim let the handicapper know. Length looks to be about 8 foot. Existing pole to long.

Sight of the day.

The sight of the day wasn’t recorded but seen. There was Loama a small Couta boat giving the 12 ton Sayonara a tow to the RYCV Marina. Cruelty to small animals wasn’t the case at all. Loama and the boys knew she’s the little boat that could.

Cup Regatta 2015

Our program booklet, an excellent production of work by Mark Chew was available for all to pick up. A copy will be on our Cup Regatta 2015 Web page soon after these notes go out.

We look to be under control for organising our after Saturday racing 2 hour soirée dockside at the RMYS marina.

Not long to go. Get those entries in soon and grab some tickets for our Cup Regatta 2015 Cocktail reception at the Royal Victorian Motor Yacht Club. Cup Regatta 2015 entries and ticket forms are attached.

Call for Windward II Cup Regatta crew

A call was received from Jim Wood of Windward II. The offer to crew on board Windward II is out. Here’s the chance to race on board our 1926 Classic and one of the most notable Classics in Australia.  Let the handicapper know pronto .

Classics in other races.

A short note to inform that our handicappers Classic Alwyn, the 1923 Tasmanian A Classer, put in another top club fleet racing performance in the Hobsons Bay Yacht Club long distance from Williamstown to Portarlington with a 2nd on corrected time on Oct 17.

With an 8.1 knot speed across the line to a max 9 knot on a beam reach in 20 knots with full sail for a less than 3 hour journey back it was a full on day for a Classic Yacht in club racing. When your working the helm hard to make  the keel attached rudder stop the boat broaching while the noise of cresting southerly Port Phillip waves , with spray flying everywhere , with water streaming past at 8 knots only 12 inches away and the overhanging stern is lifted by the next wave , Classic Yacht racing comes alive.


Here’s a photo of Alwyn being prepared for racing 83 years ago. Except for the cabin and bulwarks no difference today

Yachtsmen Make Ready for Season’s Sailing Delights on the Derwent Estuary. Mr. N. Winzenberg’s yacht “Alwyn” shares the prevailing passion for reconditioning. Courtesy Illustrated Tasmanian Mail, 13 October 1932.

Next 2015/2016 Summer Series Race 3

Our Cup Regatta 2015 splits our Summer Series Racing. Race 3 will be conducted on November 15. Our fleet will start with a division of the RYCV Lipton Cup Fleet at 10:00am. The course is yet to be decided.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

Results Link

Cup Regatta Link

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CYAA 2015/2016 Summer Series SI’s and Handicaps

Attached are the SI’s and Handicaps for Race 2.

Also attached are the pre race notes with some Cup Regatta 2015 news.

For Cup Regatta entry forms and function ticket ordering go to the CYAA Web site Cup Regatta 2015 page. The SI’s and course details are also listed on attached web pages.

In the SI’s there’s a comment in the safety para saying if you don’t notify the race committee your vessel is retiring you will be scored DNC and one in the courses section saying what happens if the course number flags also display an O Flag. Marina finish.

The notes also contain big news about new Cup Regatta trophies.


Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

Race 2 Pre Race Notes

Race 2 October 18 Sailing Instructions (RYCV)

Race 2 Oct 18 Entries and Handicaps (RYCV)

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CYAA 2015/2016 Summer Series Race 1 Results


Attached are the results of Race 1 plus the Series and Marie Louise III Aggregate status.

Pre race action

A 9.00am Sunday morning induced lethargy were the only signals received from the fog shrouded West Gate bridge flags. Lack of wind at this time of day was not a deterrent as the Classic fleet headed out for first race of the Summer Series.

From Sandringham up came Phil Atkins with Trim, from Royal Melbourne came Jim Hutchinson and his Tumlaren, Dingo, followed by our recently signed up member Tim Boucaut with the 1950’s JJ Savage designed and built Warringa. From the Royals came Anne Batson with the Tumlaren Zephyr under tow by Martini. Signals like these said no way another first race of the series was going to being abandoned for lack of wind.

On cue at 10:15 am the water ruffles from the south arrived. Soon to be followed by a 8 knot southerly breeze. It was race time for the 12 Race 1 starters of the Classic Fleet. No longer any need for the HBYC Race committee to hold out the course flags.

Race 1 Weather and Course

The race start

With the settling of the wind the pin became the favoured end and keen eyes of the race committee working hard at the one minute gun, Mark Chew on Fair Winds saw the opportunity to run down the line and cross at  the start gun with his sails drawing well.  She was never headed. Sayonara also hit the line on the gun as well as Mercedes III and Trim.  The remaining starters were close on the case. Frances drew on experience and noisily came in behind the fleet to be in clear wind.

The light winds weather beat to RMYS C Mark

Fair Winds continued to give the fleet hope of catching her as she dropped off course occasionally to keep speed. Mercedes III  wouldn’t let her off kept pace with her. Trim also kept on the pace in the light conditions while Frances in clear air continued to make ground over the fleet. Dingo saw a wind line to the west and threw early on to port to be slightly above the Frances track. After going back on to starboard Dingo began to overhaul the fleet. Zephyr to weather but very close to Sayonara backed off slightly to avoid being sucked in. In better air she passed both Sayonara and Marie Louise III. Marie Louise III held on to Sayonara and was in front on the tack but the light conditions on the next tack eventually did her in. Same with Cyan, she held on to the fleet but the light conditions said no.

Both Martini and Tandanya both worked hard to keep the fleet  in close touch.  Again that light wind dind’t help their effort.

Meanwhile to leeward of the fleet was first time starter Warringa. While down on the fleet she held her course and began to gain position. Picture perfect were the after race comments.

The run to RMYS G

Being first to round the weather mark was not enough for Fair Winds. Before the rounding was complete their kite was hoisted and began to draw soon afterwards.  Mercedes III and Frances followed  sometime afterwards. Brilliant efforts by Mercedes III to set their kite and make a clean track the next turning mark were noted by the across fleet. Trim finally sorted their kite out and began her task to catch the leaders while all the time Dingo kept the improving her place in the fleet.

More action was seen at back of the fleet when a cloud of dust and bugs sprung from the late 1960’s Rolly Tasker spinnaker hoisted by Warringa. After clearing out from Warringa headed west to catch the better wind line to pick up on Marie Louise III and Martini

Zephyr continued to improve position with a clean kite hoist while Sayonara improved her fleet position on the run using off wind tacking.

The run from RMYS G Mark to R4.

After the turning mark rounding Frances continued to make up ground on fleet leader Fair Winds.  Dingo was a picture in full flight holding on to their shy kite while Trim began the task of overhauling her. Mercedes III finally rounded the mark. Zephyr began the task of keep away from Sayonara and Marie Louise III recovered their lead over Martini while Warringa continued up ground on both these two Classic’s.

After the G Mark rounding Stephen Lake on the helm of Bob Munro’s Tandanya kept Cyan busy and eventually bested her with some tight racing tactics.

R4 to the Finish

With the Race committee call to shorten the course to one lap only Fair Winds took the gun from the challenging Frances.  Trim bested Dingo by a couple of minutes who in turn held off Mercedes III by 12 seconds.

Zephyr held off Sayonara by 35 seconds while 30 seconds split a tight finish between Marie Louise III, Warringa and Martini.  Short afterwards Tandanya and Cyan bought the fleet home with 90 seconds between them.


Corrected time results were calculated and ready for announcement on a timely basis thanks to the extra effort by the HBYC Race committee and Alistair Hart.

Line honours went to Fair Winds. Corrected time went to Warringa. A great first race performance by the 1950’s Jack Savage designed family knockabout that was rescued from the mud at Metung by Tim Boucaut. Dingo came in second on corrected while Fair Winds was third. Mid fleet we had close corrected times between Trim, Zephyr, Tandanya and Frances. The remaining corrected times indicate stories to be told.

Your handicapper will be looking at these times.

Achievements of the day

The start and sail of the day would have to be Fair Winds. To bring home a line honours performance in the light winds, the ultra fast top mark kite pop and then to hold off Frances indicates no time for a rest on Fair Winds. Dingo also rates a special mention. To see her going at it under a shy kite trying to hold off Trim on the run from RMYS G to R4 meant much concentration.

Picture of the day has to go to Warringa. Take a look.

From the mud of Metung to the Classic on Port Phillip.

Skipper and crew are ex J24 state reps and sailed together for many years starting from early years on Kangaroo Island.


Australian Women’s Keel Boat Regatta

Apart from bringing Warringa back to life her skipper Tim Boucaut is a RMYS Committee member and is heavily involved in the promotion of the Australian Women’s Keelboat Regatta. An event that several of our Classic members compete in. No doubt the Classic’s will be a supporter of this event and will be watching how our members go. More news will follow.

Next race Race 2 at Royal Yacht Club of Victoria.

October 18 in 3 weeks time is the next race.

CYAA Cup Regatta 2015.

An entry form is attached to keep all skippers and crew aware the great event of Classic Yacht Racing on Port Phillip is only 4 weeks away. Put those entries in. Some worthwhile take home trophies are up for winning.

The Cup Regatta 2015 Notice of Race can be downloaded from

RYCV Lipton Cup.

The organisers of the RYCV Lipton Cup have asked for this event to be promoted within the classic’s. Race 3 the Summer Series will be conducted with the Cruising divisions of the Lipton Cup. The start will be 10:00 am for this race on November 15.

Race 2 details will be ready close to Oct 16.

Now to those handicaps.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

Results Page

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