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CYAA (Vic)2018 Winter Series

 The Classic’s 2018 Winter Series Race 5 re-scheduled to August  19 has been cancelled.    CYAA and RYCV  Race director have determined the Bureau of Meteorology forecast for wind conditions on northern waters of Port Phillip Sunday August 19 will exceed the safe wind strength conditions for classic yacht racing.

This cancellation brings an end to the 2018 Winter Series of Classic Yacht racing on Port Phillip.

The best performing Classic Yacht during the 2018 Winter series was Martini. With the Tumlaren Fleet Avian led the fleet home. Congratulations and thanks to the 25 skippers and crews for their support of this series of Classic yacht racing.  More after series information will be in the Race 5 post race notes.

2018/2019 Summers Series begins October 7. Notice of Race and entry form to be issued shortly.

The Race 5 August 19 Sailing Instructions and Group Start times are now available. Click on the links to download the documents.

The Race 5 Aug 19 Pre race notes and CYAA news items can be read from this link.

For the story on why Race 5 was postponed to August 19 Take a look

at the Race 5 postponed notes 

Wind conditions on Port Phillip August 5

Race 5 August 5 postponed to August 19.  CYAA and HBYC  Race director have determined the Bureau of Meteorology forecast for wind conditions on Port Phillip Sunday August will exceed the safe wind strength conditions for classic yacht racing.

Race 4 was conducted by the RMYS on July 22. Click on the links to check out the full results for Race 4 plus the Winter Series aggregate including the Tumlaren aggregate status and Marie Louise III Consistency trophy status .

Nicole Shrimpton’s Int. 8 metre Defiance. Now an Australian icon

Race 4 July 22 Sailing Instructions and entries with allocated handicaps

Race 4 Rescheduled to July 22 at RMYS, the story why. 

Race 4 July 8 postponed to July 22.  CYAA and HBYC Race director have determined the Bureau of Meteorology forecast for wind conditions on Port Phillip Sunday July 8 exceed the safe wind strength conditions for classic yacht racing.

Race 4 rescheduled to July 8. Pre race notes Posted July 6
Race 4 rescheduled to June 17 notes  Rescheduled to July 8

Race 4 scheduled for June 17 is postponed to July 8

Race 4 July 8 Sailing Instructions

Race 4 July 8 Entries and Handicaps

2018 Winter Series Notice of Race Ammend 2 June 19

AP over A is signalled for Race 4


Advised by RYCV Race Director Port Phillip conditions forecast for Sunday will render unsafe waters for racing, irrespective of gale warning forecast status.  Peter Costolloe CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

Race 4 Sailing Instructions and Pursuit start group time allocations

Race 3 Post Race Notes

Articles generated for the RMYS and HBYC News Letters

Start of 2018 Winter Series Race 3 Akuna First on corrected time

Race 3 May 27 results.

Full Race 3 results with BCH and CHC stats.    Locker 57 Winter Series Aggregate and Tumlaren Series Aggregate     Marie Louise Consistency Aggregate
CYAA 2018 Winter Series Race 3 Sailing Instructions plus Entries and allocated Handicaps  for May 27 are now available. Click on the links to download a copy.
Take a look at the Race 3 pre race notes  They contain information about the following:
Race three information
Race 3 welcome returns
Classic Boat magazine and Nigel sharp story
Sydney and Brisbane member activity
A small Frances story
Marie Louise III Boat Register listing


 Marie Louise III Provenance and Boat Register page

Race 2 Post Race comments

Results for race 2 and Winter Series Aggregate Status and Consistency series aggregate status can be seen here

CYAA 2018 Winter Series Race 2 Sailing Instructions Rev 2 May 3 plus Entries and allocated Handicaps Rev 2 May 4 are now available.

Race 2 pre race notes and Brisbane Timber and Traditional Boat Regatta can be seen here.

CYAA (Vic) 2018 Winter Series Race 1 story

Link to Race 1 results 2018 Winter Series Aggregate Status    Marie Louise III Consistency Aggregate Status 

2018 Winter Series Race 1 April 22 Rev 4 pre race notes, Sailing Instructions plus entries and handicaps.

The 2018 Winter Series Notice of Race as amended Ammend 2 June 19 and Series entry form have been posted. Note: Race 1 will be conducted by RMYS in lieu of HBYC

Click on the links to download the NoR and entry form.

Series Races schedule as shown below

CYAA Classics Winter Series – Race 1 10:30:00 13:30:00 Sunday 22-Apr-18 RMYS
CYAA Classics Winter Series – Race 2 10:30:00 13:30:00 Sunday 06-May-18 RMYS
CYAA Classics Winter Series – Race 3 10:30:00 13:30:00 Sunday 27-May-18 HBYC
CYAA Classics Winter Series – Race 4 10:30:00 13:30:00 Sunday 17-Jun-18 RYCV (Pursuit)
CYAA Classics Winter Series – Race 5 10:30:00 13:30:00 Sunday 08-Jul-18 HBYC
CYAA Classics Winter Series – Race 6 10:30:00 13:30:00 Sunday 22-Jul-18 RMYS
CYAA Classics Winter Series – Race 7 10:30:00 13:30:00 Sunday 05-Aug-18 HBYC
CYAA Classics Winter Series – Race 8 (Final) 10:30:00 13:30:00 Sunday 19-Aug-18 RYCV (Pursuit)

Feb 8 Classics on display at Arts Open 2018. Feb 7 Kingurra returns to Port Phillip

Look below the Andy Indrans story of a Friday pm photo update on Kingurra at Deal Island.

Andy Indrans of Corio Vertue has prepared a presentation of 2017 Cup Regatta images at the Castlemaine Art Open event over the March 10 – March 12 weekend.

As a primer take a look at the beauty of what Andy allows us to see through his black and white images.

Zephyr chasing Sayonara

Beating to Windward

Jim Hutchinson sailing Dingo

Onboard Sayonara

Sayonara hoisting sail

Two gorgeous ladies

Downwind chase




Windward crossing the start line






Kingurra returns to Melbourne

Kingurra to return’s to racing with the Port Phillip classics after her notable performances during the 50th Anniversary Regatta of the 1967 Admirals Cup where Australia’s reputation as an ocean racing nation began.

Ian McFarlane reported after sojurning at Pittwater for  some weeks Kingurra left Sydney around 6:30pm Feb 6. On Weds Feb 7 Kingurra was flying down the coast at 9-10 over the ground with a good current assist of around 2 knots. Expected to be at Eden soon after Feb 7 midnight. It’s all go for the post card boat of the Admirals Cup 50th Anniversary Fleet to be racing racing with the Classic fleet next Sunday.

It is a beautiful sunny day on the NSW coast.  Motor sailed from 3:30am til 9am in <10kn. Had a few hours of spinnaker run this morning as the breeze built Breeze now back to 20kn NE and doing 7 to 8 kn on course for Gabo Island.  Nice to have a bit of current with us on the return journey.

Cruising relax time on Kingurra as she passes Batemans Bay

Checking over Deal Island caretakers cottages


Trillion Trust Regatta Auckland 16 – 18 Feb.


Time to act!

The CYANZ will soon warmly welcome CYAA members attending the annual Trillian Trust Classic Yacht Regatta. The regatta is being held earlier this year than in past years, with an introductory dinner on 15 February and racing from 16th to 18th. It will be based at the RNZYS at Westhaven, near Auckland city centre.

You will have the opportunity to sail on some of New Zealand’s finest classic yachts over 3 days of sailing, including the late 1800’s Logans, Thelma and Waitangi. Partners can either sail or enjoy the many treats New Zealand can provide to its visitors.

The regatta awards will again include the coveted Trans Tasman Cup, awarded to the CYAA member who performs best overall in the regatta. Be there for the chance to have your name included on the trophy, last year won by Jennie McKenzie.

If you plan to attend, please advise the CYAA co-ordinator, David McKenzie, as soon as possible at Then gets your flights and accommodation organised – time is running short.

To access the information pack, click here. For the notice of race, see the regatta website: